Car Ban On The NYC Auto Lease market

With most world cities (mostly in Europe) joining the car-free movement with intentions of reducing air pollution and improving safety among residents; New York City is gradually making considerable strides to join the train. Imagine what it would be like if a major road like 14th Street, with dual bus lanes, a two-way bike path, and a wide pedestrian thoroughfare and_ no cars!

It is too clear to see that traffic in New York has reached a crisis point. With about 6,000 miles of street in New York, the city’s traffic challenges have grown far worse than ever before. The city’s traffic is riddled with controversial congestion pricing measures, busway lawsuits, bike lane community meeting meltdowns, not to mention an uptick in fatalities this year.

Historical Challenge                            

Traffic, however, has always been an insurmountable obstacle in New York. Many vehicles clogged Fifth Avenue 100 years ago as it is today. Over the past centuries, many planners and politicians have made decisions [...]

Over time, there has been growing agitations and disgust expressed by most Uber and Lyft car lease drivers over the exorbitant payments they have been subjected to make back to the rental and car lease companies. Several drivers have aired their experience of being saddled with crushing lease payments in order to work for ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft.

About a week ago, City Councilmember Francisco Moya introduced new legislation saddled to tackle rates for a range of scenarios: leasing, renting, leasing to own, and conditional purchase of for-hire cars. This bill was greeted with mix reactions from drivers, rentals, and TLC companies.

The New Legislation

The new legislation introduced by Councilmember Moya aims to protect drivers working for ride-sharing apps and those of for-hire vehicles, livery, and green cab companies from lease costs beyond what they can pay from their driving income. This bill is expected to establish maximum limits for lease payments [...]

The fifth-generation of the E-Class right from the time it was introduced in 2016 has generated lots of interest in the auto market. The 2020 model year Mercedes Benz car has witnessed an all-round remodeling. Notable change comes in the styling, which is done to reflect Mercedes’ new design language that was originally showcased on the new A-Class and CLS.

The updated tech features more elegant exterior, interior and more horsepower than ever are expected to be seen in the 2020 E-Class. The new seems more eager to offer the ultimate luxury experience.  The Sedan, Coupe, Cabriolet, and Wagon are the body styles, and different engines will be available in the most current E-Class.


Slight changes in the new model E-Class makes it more classic. The interior has one of the best and most luxurious impressions. The all-new MBUX infotainment system is present in this latest model, with a much stylish control method. Also, a refreshed steering [...]

Cheap Lease Using Incentives

Leasing a car can be the best alternative for you to have a go at your dream ride, even at a much lower cost. When you lease, you are only paying for a portion of the car’s value. The monthly payments in car leasing are nothing compared to what you have to pay in purchasing a car. In making a car purchase, you pay for the vehicle’s entire price. You might have to go for an auto loan in order to pay off the high cost of fully acquiring the car.

However, a lease might pose a daunting way of acquiring a car if you don’t know the basics. As a matter of fact, knowing the basics is what should count first. If you can grasp a bit of it, you will understand that lease can be even more affordable when you take advantage of an automaker’s incentives.

What Is Lease Incentive?

A lease incentive [...]

2020 mercedes AMG C-Class

The German automaker has, for long, been in the business of producing cars that are synonymous with quality and luxury. The Benz cars have grown to be the top luxury car manufacturer world all over. The company has continuously stressed its desire towards producing a safer, high performance, and good fuel efficiency cars. The wide range of cars like the C-class, A-class, down to the A-Class has been the top choice for cars for most world leaders and big CEOs.

The fourth generation of Mercedes Benz C-Class AMG was introduced in 2015 with the C300 and C400 sedan. The coupe and convertible models were later introduced in the 2017 model year. The newly introduced 2020 year model Benz C-Class AMG is more powerful, luxurious, and stylish than ever before, with lots of standardization put in place. The new 2020 Mercedes Benz C-Class AMG is available in four body types; the Convertible, Coupe, Hatchback, Sedan, and Wagon. These cars have

If you are a great fan of the Jeep Gladiator and can’t wait for the lease prices actually to drop, well, this going to look more like a nightmare for you. It is not dropping! Rather it just went up a bit higher than what it used to be a couple of months before.

When the 2020 Jeep Gladiator was first unveiled late last year, most auto lovers can’t help but express deep admiration for the ‘special truck’ and it became a popular choice for pick-up truck enthusiasts.

What Changed?

Earlier on, the Jeep’s online payment estimator listed the Gladiator Sport with a manual transmission at $196 for 36 months with 10% down. That means that the lease price for 2020 Gladiator Sport 4×4 goes for $276 for 36 months (10,000 miles a year) with $3,995 due at signing.

Unfortunately, about five months down the line, there has been a notable increment in the [...]

Chevrolet, over time, has provided the most versatile lineups of SUVs in the market. Each of these offers close but distinct features. Although there’s an outstanding difference in these SUV lineups, albeit, their similarities can often prove confusing to shoppers. The Chevy Tahoe and Suburban have been one of the most remarkable SUV in the auto market. For over a quarter of a century, these two have been selling side-by-side. Unfortunately, most buyers are not too much aware of what makes one stand apart from the other.

The 2020 Tahoe makes part of the fourth Tahoe generation introduced for 2015; which comes in three trims: LS, LT, and Premier. This crossover SUV is gradually turning to a multi-tool of the automotive world. Its versatility, which is a trademark of all Chevy cars, allows it to fill in many options to many people.

The 2020 Suburban, on the other end, is part of the 11th Suburban generation introduced [...]

Like the 7 Series, the new BMW X7 is a big vehicle.  It is really one of the exemplified models in the BMW brand with its imposing presence and a cornucopia of technology you will be in charge of the road. No matter how many people you fit into this three-row SUV a BMW X7 lease really has the power and space to get you around in comfort and style.

The Big Engine

With the 4.4-liter twin-turbocharged V-8 there has been a notable performance upgrade called the M Performance TwinPower Turbo technology package. You have an engine that makes 523 hp and 553 lb-ft of torque. With the eight-speed automatic sending that power to the ground via a rear-biased all-wheel-drive system.Power shifts to where it is needed most.

The Drive Of Your Life

You also get an M Sport exhaust for better sound and a freer-breathing engine.  The transmission itself has been re-tuned for smarter

Even though it shares parts with lesser GM products, the 2020 Escalade is unmistakably a luxury SUV. Along with its chrome-laden shell, the Escalade has a host of upscale standard features the 2020 Cadillac Escalade evokes the premium lifestyle. Being so high up on the road gives you a panoramic view and with all the features you will enjoy the ride.

Engines Keeping Up With The Times

Behind the Escalade’s giant sparkling grille sits a mighty 420-hp V-8 engine connected to a 10-speed automatic transmission. Together, they push this massive SUV with authority and it can tow up to 8300 pounds. The  Escalade accelerates with ease, and it never seems burdened by its massive size.

Rear-wheel drive is standard, while all-wheel drive is optional. In our testing, the Escalade was always responsive, and the transmission handled gearchanges without fuss.  With a set of standard adaptive dampers, the Escalade is wonderfully comfortable as the power is [...]

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