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Volkswagen Car Prices Continues To Go Up As Input Costs Keep Rising

Small sedans, family SUVs, and sports cars are set to get more expensive, with many automakers raising the retail price of their vehicles in a bid to absorb the impact of high input costs. One of the world’s leading automakers, Volkswagen, has significantly increased the sticker price of their cars. This is not the first time, and neither is it likely to be the last time we’d be witnessing a price hike across the auto industry. The increase in Volkswagen sticker prices means you’d be spending more on a new Volkswagen lease deal.

If you so much desire to lease a new Volkswagen this summer, here are the average lease prices & starting MSRP of some top Volkswagen models.

Volkswagen Average Lease Prices & MSRP

Volkswagen Jetta

If you need a refined and comfortable compact sedan with a roomy cabin and entertaining ride, you should consider leasing the Volkswagen Jetta for about $401/month for 36 months at $0 down. This VW’s small car has a starting MSRP of $21,460, up from last year’s $18,995.

Volkswagen Passat

The famous VW Passat lease deal caters to shoppers that want a comfortable and refined family sedan with a long list of desirable features. You can lease this family sedan for about $504/month, up from last year’s average lease price of $419/month for 36 months at $0 down. Its starting MSRP has also gone up to $28,570 against last year’s $23,995.

Volkswagen Arteon

For a more stylish VW sedan, consider leasing the VW Arteon with VIP Auto lease to get the lowest possible lease price. This well-equipped, stylish sedan has a sticker price of $42,045.

Volkswagen Golf

The iconic Golf is still available for leasing. To drive home with this stylish hot hatch, reach out to us and get an average lease price that will wow you. This hatch’s sticker price went up from last year’s $23,195 to a new high of $30,975, which will significantly push the average lease price up from last year’s $389/month range to a new high.

Volkswagen Tiguan

If you need a reliable and practical SUV with a comfortable third row, check out the Volkswagen Tiguan lease deal. This stylish and popular VW compact SUV can be yours for about $456/month for36 months at $0 down and has a sticker price of $27,785. Its average lease price last year was $389, with a starting MSRP of $25,245.

Volkswagen Atlas

Looking for something more practical than most SUVs in the midsize family segment, lease the Volkswagen Atlas for about $505/month for 36 months at $0 down. This three-row family SUV comes with a sticker price of $35,630, up from last year’s $31,545.

Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport

Need something more stylish than the VW Atlas? Check out the new Atlas Cross Sport lease deal at $534/month for 36 months, up from last year’s $389/month range. This VW’s SUVs starting MSRP has also increased from last year’s $30,885 to $34,930.

Time to lease a new Volkswagen? Contact VIP Auto Lease, 1204 Hylan Blvd, Staten Island, NY 10305 https://viplease.com/, for the lowest possible lease prices and excellent leasing process.

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