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Best Bargaining Chips For A New Car Lease In NYC

Aim for the top and don’t sell yourself short when making your next new or used car purchase.  It is very important to know what features and characteristics you desire for your next automobile.  You should do your homework prior to purchasing the vehicle so you know how to position yourself with dealership negotiations.  The hottest new features for 2022 are not much different from those of 2021, however 2023-2024 models will have some big surprises.

Manufacturers have been causing major delays lately, leading to extensive markups and a very boring purchasing market since the start of the year.  This is just the calm before the storm ladies and gentlemen.  Fifteen new car models will be introduced in 2023. Some of them we’ve already seen – like the new Acura Integra, the much anticipated Nissan Z, the Toyota Sequioa and the updated Ford Ranger – while some new vehicles have still yet to debut.

At any rate, we’re looking to the near future.  As boring as it’s been this year, expect the complete opposite 12-18 months from now.   Some new cars are fast, some are slow, some are big, and some are electric. With the popularity of the crossover and SUV, it will come as no surprise that most new vehicles will be one or the other. Some automakers are adamant to keep sedans, hatchbacks, and even wagons relevant. Regardless of taste, there is probably a new car coming in 2023 that everyone can be excited about.

What if you are not in the position to wait another year plus to purchase your next car?  Use the information I’ve given you as a starting point in becoming positive leverage for you when negotiating with the dealer. Look at this as a time to get some great bang for your buck on a short-term lease for a 2021-22 model that you always thought was out of your grasp.

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