The 2020 Chevrolet is one of the biggest SUVs around, which means it great for carrying people and hauling their possessions.  With a front bench seat, the Suburban can hold up to nine people. It has plenty of room behind its third-row seat for cargo. The 2020 Suburban is really luxurious for its size. Engine Choice and Performance There’s a choice of two engines for 2020 Chevrolet Suburban lease: a standard 355-hp 5.3-liter V-8 and an optional 420-hp 6.2-liter V-8. All models come with either rear or all-wheel drive.  The smaller engine has a six-speed automatic transmission. The bigger V-8 has a fabulous 10-speed automatic. Unsurprisingly, the upgraded powertrain is much speedier driving from zero to 60 mph in 6.2 seconds as opposed to 6.9. The standard engine had plenty of power to move your family around town or all over the country. The Suburban drives with controlled body motions and accurate steering.   The Suburban has standard adaptive dampers and massive 22-inch wheels which add to the smooth ride. Its firm and responsive brake pedal was particularly effective for such a huge machine. Fuel Economy On The Busy Streets Although the Suburban's [...]

Car insurance guide: when you rent a car, you must purchase car insurance, even if you do not own the vehicle. That’s because you must meet the minimum auto insurance standards, wherever you are, as well as any additional requirements imposed by your lessor – such as comprehensive coverage and collision insurance. These additional requirements can make renting a car more expensive than expected.



When renting a car, coverage is mandatory; you cannot leave the field without it. Since auto insurance requirements are set at the state level, the amount of coverage you need depends on the state where your car will be registered. Your leasing company may also have some insurance, and some models will be more expensive to insure than others.

In addition, you must indicate the leasing company as additional insured and beneficiary. This means that the lessor, as the owner of the vehicle, receives payment from [...]

For those who have never rented a car, the process may seem confusing and more focused on business owners, who might deduct the expense or people who cannot afford to pay for a car. But in reality, renting car leasing advantages, regardless of your career or income. Here are a few;


Lower monthly payments

 The cost of renting a car is usually much lower than that of buying a car. No down payment, if any, is required, and you do not have to pay any initial sales tax. However, when you return a rented vehicle, additional charges may apply for mileage exceeding the limit, for early termination of a rental agreement or for unrepaired damage.


Never be “upside down.”

When you rent a car, you rent it for a fixed term, usually one to four years. The amount you pay each month is related to the amount of depreciation provided during the term [...]

Vehicle leasing is the long term rental (or use) of a motor vehicle for a specified period for an amount agreed upon for the rental. It is generally offered by dealers as an alternative to vehicle purchase but is widely used by companies as a method of acquiring (or using) vehicles for businesses, without the usual cash expenditures. The main difference in a rental agreement lies in the fact that after the main term (usually 2, 3 or 4 years), the vehicle must be returned to the car leasing company or purchased for the residual value.

Vehicle leasing offers benefits to both buyers and sellers. For the buyer, lease payments are considerably smaller as compared to payments on a car loan. Sales taxes are due only on each monthly payment and not immediately on the total purchase price, as in the case of a loan. Once you’re ready to start your car rental or leasing [...]

It has remained a beauty since 2011 with no major updates on its exterior. The  2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee will have a few external improvements to excite buyers who love this offroad classic. So what will be enticing families and other drivers to purchase this model? Prepare to have your mind blown. Looking Good That familiar grille has a pair of stylish LED headlights to modernize its appearance.  The black and chrome case give the SUV a resilient look as if this vehicle can travel anywhere. The wide wheelbase and the 17-inch wheels mean that the car handles the road well. The wheels can be upgraded to 18,19 or even 20 inches. It certainly looks more powerful than previous models. Sit Inside and Enjoy the Ride The comfortable cloth, leather or suede comes in beautiful shades of gray, black, brown or sienna with accents in indigo, brown, copper or black. Your journey is made smoother with the many features and controls on the sleek dashboard. The display screen is an impressive 12 inches so it is easy to see the vital signs of your ride.  With the leather seats being heated or cooled as needed and the steering wheel warmed you will feel comfot=rtable in [...]

Leasing a brand new luxury vehicle is a great way of enjoying that new car feeling, without the hassle of selling an out of style vehicle just a few short years down the road. If you’re interested in leasing a new vehicle, we have some of the top best picks available for every lifestyle.

  •      2019 Genesis G8

Making a name for yourself with a luxury vehicle is almost impossible with the fierce competition of established luxury brands, but the Genesis G8 is definitely making a name for itself with it’s top quality offerings.

The Genesis features a range of features that make it comparable to or even better than many other luxury vehicles—at an unbeatable price. These include some of the highest safety standards, a creamy smooth ride for ultimate comfort, and a sports package that will boost performance for those who like their cars to be a little more aggressive.


The issue of buying or leasing a car has been a hectic decision to make for individuals who need a car for their various purposes. Leasing and buying are totally different, and both have their cons and pros. However, whether an individual decides to lease or buy a car the most critical point here is if the individual has the financial capability. To buy or lease a car model don’t have a preference it solely depends on the individual choices and reasons for choosing it.

Ultimately, the decision to lease a particular car model, rather than buying it, largely depends on the individual priorities. For some drivers, a new set of wheels is about dollars and cents. For others, it’s more about creating an emotional connection to the car. Before proceeding to car models worth leasing, let’s get to know the difference between leasing and buying car with their advantage and disadvantages.


What is [...]

Leasing a new vehicle instead of buying one is similar to renting an apartment over buying a house. You have all of the privileges of ownership without all of the responsibility and without taking out a loan. One of the biggest benefits of leasing a new car is that you get the chance to drive a new car, often for less money than it would cost you to buy it. Month by month for a specified amount of time, you make payments in exchange for being able to drive the car. This sounds like a good deal, right? It can be, but before you decide to lease a new car, here are 8 things you need to know about new car leasing.

  1.      Leasing may be a better option to buying if you don’t have the cash to buy a car, if you want to drive a new vehicle, and if you expect to [...]

The 2019 Cadillac Escalade is the latest full size luxury SUV released by Cadillac. With prices starting out at seventy five thousand dollars without even talking about upgrades which can push the car into upwards of six figures, the Escalade is an expensive car. If upfront payment is not an option, the 2019 Escalade can be leased at around $845 a month. Before making an expensive purchase like this, buyers will want to make that they are getting their money’s worth so in this review we will be breaking down the different aspects of the Escalade so buyers can decide for themselves whether it is a worthwhile purchase.

The Escalade is an upscale vehicle and this fact is on full display when looking at the exterior. The car comes in a variety of different colors and with a variety of different choices offered for the trim of the car including a chrome trim, a blackout [...]

You would be a tad remiss if you happen to be in the mood to criticize the 2019 Ram 1500, considering it’s hard to find something to complain about it.  It is by far, an excellent truck. With the capability to haul and tow beyond what it’s competitors can, it’s also a relatively smooth ride. From roomy seating and first-rate cabin materials to standard features like an easily operated infotainment system and a good deal of driver assistance technology.

Compared side by side to previous models, the 2019 Ram 1500 is completely redesigned making it one of the best Ram deals ever. It’s notable features include:

  • 20% increase in capacity to haul and tow
  • Reduced curb weight and lighter frame
  • Modest hybrid system options with engines to improve engine efficiency and torque
  • Cabin tech offers 12” touch-screen, wireless device charging and driver assistance aspects like a surround-view camera, adaptive cruise control and blind spot [...]
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