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Zero-down car leasing has gotten a whole lot easier. With the availability of Bitcoin and various other Cryptocurrencies, you can now secure your dream vehicle with less monetary stress than ever before.

As we are edging towards a more digital world, it’s only necessary to get yourself acquainted with the current trend of things. Cryptocurrency has been in existence for some years now. However, some individuals might have little or no idea what it’s all about and the vital role it is playing in simplifying our society and pioneering technological advancement. First off, Cryptocurrency is like your everyday medium of trade or exchange, like the dollar, but it comes with a few perks. Unlike the dollar and various other international currencies, Cryptocurrency is decentralized, meaning that it has no specific controlling authority. Cryptocurrency transactions are one of the most secure transactions globally at the moment, with no risk of hacks. The main defining factor of [...]

hybrid cars to lease in NYC

Hybrid technology in cars has been revolutionary since they have hit the markets in 1999-2000. The technology has improved greatly, as has the style and features in the cars, but one of the biggest changes has been in the price. They were quite expensive when they were first available to buy or lease since their production costs were higher and their technology was so new. 

But innovation and market demands always prevail. As gas prices increased in the 2000’s the demand for greater fuel efficiency skyrocketed in general, and the demand for hybrid cars went up (while the price went down).


What is a Hybrid Car?

But first, I think it is important to define what a hybrid car actually is. The answer is quite simple, a hybrid car is any car that combines the use of the traditional combustion, gas-powered engine, and an electric motor, that’s it! In one combination they work together

money puzzle to show lowc car lease payments

Yes, you have heard it all before. The famous debate about whether it is better to lease a car or to buy a car. And Both sides start throwing out facts and figures as to why their side is right and the other side is wrong. But without being armed with the knowledge and cost-saving strategies either option can result in an expensive outcome. 

To help our clients be prepared to save as much as possible and get the car lease of their dreams we have curated a list of the 3 best strategies to get the lowest possible lease payment.


1.Lower our annual mileage

When you go to lease a new car, you are given an option of the mileage limit. This number is significant because if you drive over the mileage limit then you are charged a per-mile fee, but can be about .20 cents per mile. This can add up quickly

The Best BMW & Mercedes Models

Different people have different tastes when it comes to car leasing. In Connecticut, there are a few cars that are synonymous with class, fashion, and style. It’s no wonder that such wonderful vehicles are at the forefront of people’s choices when deciding on a new car leasing in Stamford, NY.

If you want to drive a new car in CT, it will only make sense that you go with a brand associated with luxury, comfort, and all the fine things in life. Both BMW and Mercedes Benz car models are among the top-class most leased stylish and high-performance cars in Connecticut. If BMW or Mercedes is your desired automobile, it only makes sense that you lease one straight from the best lease dealership in  Stamford, CT. VIP Autos in Stamford, CT, offers a large inventory of the finest BMW and Mercedes models, all at the lowest possible lease prices and superb services.

If you want

Best American Cars

Leasing isn’t just for the benefit of getting a car for a few bucks. Some people don’t seem to notice, but car leasing has opened up a world of opportunities when it comes to selecting a long term ride you can call yours, without the unnecessary financial restrictions that come with full purchase. Budgetary comfort and a vast array of vehicular options, amongst other advantages, are the important reasons why car leasing is preferred to paying for a vehicle in full. You can get the best out of this opportunity if you lease with VIP Autos. We are well equipped and prepared to take on any Auto leasing in Manhattan, NYC, and provide you with the best prices to give you maximum satisfaction.

Now, we’ve talked about cars from different regions of the world. However, in this article, we will be taking a look at car brands closer to home. American cars have always been

The Best Chevy & GMC Trucks

It’s no secret that people worldwide now rely on car leasing to get their chosen car. Of course, with the ups and downs that have trailed this year, the Covid-19 pandemic, and the US elections, leasing a brand new car is the best available option. If you are in the market for a new Chevy or GMC truck to lease in Bronx, now could be a better time for you to go shopping at the dealerships. But hey, not all dealerships are the same; the best automobile lease deals in Bronx, NY can only be from the VIP Auto Group. We are popularly known for having low lease rate, no haggling, less paperwork, and impeccable lease process.

GMC and Chevy trucks have gone beyond the conventional trucks designed for work only. They now represent the idea of a modern pick up with comfort touches and myriads of safety features to stand close to the luxury

American SUV's

Millions of Americans now prefer to lease SUVs. They are super comfy, spacious, functional, and of great value, especially for families with kids. So, when many Americans are in the market for a new car, SUVs are always a top consideration. However, for most shoppers, the source of their new vehicle is of utmost importance. Car leasing in Long Island, NY, is mostly about leasing an American SUV. Of course, you can only get the best lease deals with an unerring service, only at your number auto lease group in Long Island—the VIP Auto Group!

We all love American craftsmanship. They are distinct, powerful, and represents what America stands for. Everything screams – American. The same applies to motor vehicles. American cars have always made a statement; they are big, sleek, and beautiful. Although not all cars made in America are from American brands, nevertheless, they still have those American characteristics that we all love.

10 Best Japanese Luxury Cars

The benefits of car leasing in our society can never be watered down. Ensuring cars’ availability at a very much affordable price is more than enough reason to go for a car lease rather than an upfront purchase. It also provides you with the flexibility to choose from numerous brands and car types. Some of these brands might seem out of reach because they look expensive, but going for the right lease might pave the way for you to have it in your possession. This is why at VIP Autos, we are focused on providing our customers with the best car leasing options in Queens, NY.

Back in the day, most car companies focused mainly on manufacturing durable and road-worthy vehicles. These vehicles were economically influenced, which aimed to provide an average individual the opportunity to own a car. This strategy sparked an era of loyalty, which saw some individuals favor a particular car brand

These days, cars aren’t just owned for the sole reason of transportation. Cars tell a whole lot of story about a person; their aesthetic preference as well as their personality. There are a whole lot of car lease options in Brooklyn, NY, but only a selected few possess that elite status that is sought after by people of exquisite taste. Fortunately, no hurdle is too high for VIP Auto Group. We have painstakingly set measures which make it very easy to get a hold of these beauties without breaking the bank. With excellent ratings from our customers, we are setting new car leasing standards that are unparalleled by other dealerships.

If you reside in Brooklyn and enjoy taking rides within your city, then you’re on the right website. Choosing a perfect vehicle requires you to make the right decisions, and before we go ahead, let’s say that you can’t be wrong going for a German-manufactured

Car leasing has always been a great option for anyone looking to drive the latest models with the newest technology. To save money on a car that offers quality, leasing is always the way to go. But as car leasing becomes more tedious with a complicated process, VIP Auto Group has risen to reshape the industry by offering the cheapest lease deals with a seamless process and impeccable customer service. So whenever you want to go for a high-status car leasing in Staten Island, think VIP Auto!

If you’re going to cruise around the streets of Staten Island or anywhere in NY, wouldn’t you like to ride in style? Imagine pulling up in a Rolls Royce, Bentley, or Maseratti. Of course, cars like that are symbols of status. They can’t possibly pass through the streets of NY without getting a second or third look. And with price tags running in thousands of dollars, these exclusive

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