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How Does A Hybrid Car Work?

Hybrid technology in cars has been revolutionary since they have hit the markets in 1999-2000. The technology has improved greatly, as has the style and features in the cars, but one of the biggest changes has been in the price. They were quite expensive when they were first available to buy or lease since their production costs were higher and their technology was so new. 

But innovation and market demands always prevail. As gas prices increased in the 2000’s the demand for greater fuel efficiency skyrocketed in general, and the demand for hybrid cars went up (while the price went down).


What is a Hybrid Car?

But first, I think it is important to define what a hybrid car actually is. The answer is quite simple, a hybrid car is any car that combines the use of the traditional combustion, gas-powered engine, and an electric motor, that’s it! In one combination they work together to reduce fuel burning, increasing fuel efficiency and in some cases increase performance. The electric motor and the gas engine can work at different times or in different ways depending on the type of hybrid car but the basic requirement is that it contains both.

Some of the most popular models are the:

What type of hybrid cars are there?

There are 3 types of hybrid cars that each operate a little differently on the market today.


Series Hybrid

A series hybrid is the most similar to a fully electric vehicle. The electric motor provides all of the power that makes the car move. The gasoline engine is there only to recharge the electric battery.

They typically have a very smooth ride, and quicker acceleration.


Parallel Hybrid

Parallel hybrid cars are perhaps the most common, and some of the first on the market. The gasoline engine and the electric motor work together to power the entire vehicle. Typically it works in such a way that the electric motor allows the cars to start and work at lower speeds such as start and stop city traffic. And the gas engine kicks in when the car is traveling at constant and higher speeds.


Plug-In Hybrid

Plugin hybrid cars are the closest type to electric cars. They can be recharged by plugging the car in to your home electric outlet or at charging stations and using this to recharge the battery instead of the gasoline engine alone. The result is very good gas mileage and longer driving ability on electricity alone.


Hybrid Vs Combustion Engines

Traditional gasoline-powered combustion engines burn fuel (gas) to create power inside of the engine. This power is converted by the engine to power the wheels and the rest of the vehicle. This process is less efficient than hybrid cars because when a fuel is burned to create a different type of power, there is lost energy in the form of heat which disperses, so the process is not exact. 

Hybrid cars on the other hand try to accomplish the perfect blend of using gasoline engines for what it does best, which is range, storage, and costs, with the benefits of the hybrid battery, which is cleaner, converts more efficiently and allows for more control at lower speeds.

When you shop for your new hybrid car make sure to use a car lease company with excellent reviews!


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