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What’s New For NY’s 2022 Fiat Lease Market

For more than 120 years, Fiat automobiles have consistently delivered lovely small cars. And the Italian automaker’s alluring lineup will make you fall in love at first sight. From the panda to the aesthetically styled 124 spider and classy pickup trucks, there will always be a Fiat vehicle that appeals to you.

Unfortunately, Fiat’s survival in the United States market is surrounded by various uncertainties. It’s hard to tell what the future holds for the Italian automaker. It has limited its lineup in the United States to offer just one car; the 500X compact SUV. These uncertainties are mainly due to slow sales, and seeing some of our favorite small cars being discontinued is heartbreaking.

However, Fiat will continue to make cars, and they will be available all across Europe and all of its strongholds.

Fiat has made some exciting upgrades for the 2022 model year. We can only hope it enables the brand to find its footing in the highly competitive US automotive market.

Unveiling The 2022 Fiat 500X

On July 1, 2021, Fiat unveiled the 500X yachting as a distinctively styled convertible SUV. The all-new 500X yachting features a retractable soft top that can be activated by simply pushing a button. Fiat still maintains most of the typical elements of an SUV, like the door and roof structures, which makes the 500X yachting unique. They aim to give customers that windy cabriolet experience while technically still in an SUV.

The new 500X yachting also features interesting exterior updates, such as new available colors and an alluring wheel design.

We would expect the all-new Fiat 500X yachting to enter the United States in mid-2022, as long as the brand continues to offer the 500X to the North Americans. The company has also hinted that the 2022 model year could also witness the arrival of a plug-in hybrid model of the 500X, all things being equal.   Multiple sources have it that Fiat could also release an EV version of the 500X sometime in 2023. This will be a good development in line with the company’s ambition to phase out internal combustion by 2025-2030 and offer only fully electric cars.

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