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NY’s Full Guide To Leasing The Latest Ford Vehicles In 2022

Ford will definitely top your list for car brands that strive to maintain superior build quality and environmental friendliness. The American auto giants have everything you’d need. Thanks to its rich lineup of high-performance SUVs, Sedans, Trucks, Vans, Hybrids, EVs, luxury cruisers, and thrilling sports cars. These vehicles are available in multiple variants and trim levels. It offers diverse engine options to ensure there’s a ford that appeals to every tom, dick, and harry both in performance and price.

Coming into the 2022 model year, Ford doesn’t seem to have lost its flair for cutting-edge designs and blistering performance. From the solid-headed raptors to the dazzling muscle mustangs, coupled with an unparalleled adoption of electric cars, 2022 is looking like a busy year for the American automaker.

What’s New In Ford Lineup?

While most of its 2022 models are heavily wrapped and still being tested, Ford has officially unveiled the 2022 E-transit, Maverick, Super Duty, and F-150. The others are set to be released between the fall of 2021 and the first quarter of 2022.

2022 Ford EVs

Ford has already shown the world how competent they can be with the EVs due to the award-winning 2021-Mustang Mach E, which comfortably seats at the top of its class. And with the release of a revitalized all-electric model of America’s best-selling van, the E Transit. You can tell that Ford is willing to go full-length to fulfill its initial promise of producing forty electric vehicles by 2022. Sixteen will be all-electric while the rest is plug-in hybrids.

2022 Ford Trucks

They’ve recently unveiled The Maverick, a compact pickup truck based on a platform shared with the Ford Escape and Bronco Sport. It comes with a standard hybrid powertrain. It serves as the smallest truck in Ford’s revitalized lineup of pickup trucks. It is also much likely the most fuel-efficient, with an estimated 40-mpg city and 33-mpg highway rating.

The first-ever all-electric truck from the F-series also makes it way into the 2022 Ford Lineup. Ford claims that this EV piece is the most innovative and most connected F-150 they’ve ever built.

 Also, on pickup trucks, Ford is yet to make any statements about the 2022 Ford Ranger. But spy shots have proven that the new ford ranger is getting a massive redesign. We expect upgrades in its infotainment system, which will see a larger touchscreen display running on Ford’s new Sync 4 software, with Apple Carplay and Android Auto compatibility. We anticipate a plug-in-hybrid variant for this new Ranger. However, a full-electric version is not far in the future.

Quite a good number of changes have been made to make Ford’s lineup tougher than ever. Still, one thing that remains very easy is leasing a new Ford car from VIP Auto. We are still your best bet when it comes to leasing brand-new luxury supercars at the most affordable prices you’ll get anywhere in the US. Whether you want your new Ford with internal combustion or all-electric, VIP Auto will always have your dream car. Reach out to VIP Auto, 1204 Hylan Blvd, Staten Island, NY 10305 https://viplease.com/.

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