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The Latest On Jaguar Electric Cars

While its corporate sibling, Land Rover, is still tarrying about going all out as EVs, Jaguar has taken the bold step to offer only EVs by 2025. Earlier this year, Jaguar dropped an announcement that shocked the industry, particularly the luxury auto segment. While other luxury automakers are still showing cold feet towards going all in for EVs, Jaguar announced its plans to go all EV by 2025.

The Jaguar CEO, Thierry Bolloré, revealed the brand’s plans towards transitioning to battery electric vehicles. This, no doubt, is great news for all Jaguar lovers dreaming of leasing a Jaguar EV.

The “Reimagine” Jaguar plan, which is set to be the brand’s biggest move, would not only make Jaguar an all-electric luxury marque but will reposition Jaguar in all other aspects as a worthy competition to other German luxury offerings and take Jaguar back to been original, “a copy of nothing.”

“We want to reposition Jaguar – it will be very different,”— Bolloré.

As we are approaching 2025 already, the Jaguar EV lineup is already under production. On the other hand, we won’t be seeing some of the Jaguar models with internal combustion engines that we have come to love. Also, not every current Jaguar model will be part of the transition to EV, as indicated by the Jaguar’s new CEO.

Jaguar EV Game

Since February of this year, when this British automaker announced its Reimagine turnaround plan, Jaguar has consistently worked to see this program come to fruition. Bollore believes that it is time to push Jaguar further upmarket.

The new CEO further disclosed that while the brand will have to look outside the company for an electric platform suitable to make the Jaguar that they want, the designs for the range of new electric Jaguars had already been signed off.

With Jaguar working around the clock to roll out an EV range of cars in 2025, Jaguar says its new EV lineup will embody “modern luxury.” Bollore told Auto Car that the new Jaguar EVs would emulate the “unique” positioning of Range Rover in the auto market.

So far, Jaguar intends to build its EVs based on the Electric Modular Architecture (EMA) platform. The next-generation I-Pace will likely be the first Jag built on this platform. Hopefully, more electric models of the gas-powered E-Pace and the larger F-Pace would also be part of the big transition to EVs. Jaguar’s new CEO has been reluctant to divulge further information about the cars. However, rumors have it that the first badge of Jaguar EVs would be two crossovers and a sporty two-door sedan. However, Bollore has confirmed that the Jaguar I-Pace full-electric crossover would be the brand’s only current vehicle that would live to see 2025.

No more XJ

A further twist to the story, Bolloré’s revelation of the brand using a unique platform architecture instead of the impeding MLA platform and also probably the EMA platform means that we won’t be seeing the next-generation Jaguar XJ saloon, built on the MLA platform, which is supposed to be available from next year.

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