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From the ageless classics to the more sophisticated modern ones, Jaguars command absolute respect and stature for the person who owns or rides in one. With this refined luxury and athletic build comes a massive problem in owning one, which a Jaguar car lease is the solution. However, the VIP Auto Lease Group is your plug for fascinating Jaguar cars at mind-blowing lease rates. Get in touch with us, and experience auto leasing like never before!

With a decade long of been in the business of manufacturing luxurious sedans and fast sports cars, the English giant automakers have equally delved into the booming SUV market with the same choicest SUVs that perfectly define the Jaguar badge. Below are the top Jaguar cars that you should check out while shopping for a Jaguar or luxury rides as the case may be.

Jaguar E-Pace

The enigmatic E-Pace is one of Jaguar’s big thrust into the tightly competitive crossover market. Whether you are cruising the 2020 jaguar E-Pace around the streets or down the highway, it is undoubtedly going to get heads turning. With an opulent interior vibe and exciting performance, a 2020 Jaguar E-Pace lease deal keeps you abreast of an upscale lifestyle. Its unending luxurious tech amenities and engaging ride quality with light and precise steering and cozy cabin keep it ahead of most competitors.

Jaguar F-Pace

The F-Pace is one of the hottest crossovers to be produced by the English auto brand. You might as well tag it as the brand’s biggest hit as of lately. Leasing the 2020 F-Pace model gives you a feel of the Jaguar’s alluring design and athletic driving dynamics that are peculiar to the brand. Whatever you may think that these mid-size luxury crossovers come short in cargo space or interior exclusivity, it rightly makes up to that with superb powertrain, a full pack of desirable features, and an overall entertaining ride.

Jaguar XF

With the Jaguar focusing so much on SUVs, you might think that they have lost a two with the sedan. But that’s not the case with the new XF sedan. If for anything, it’s one of the rarest and most refined vehicles in its class. Leasing the new Jaguar XF offers you a luxury sedan with exquisite styling, athletic handling, and an extraordinary level of exclusivity. Its satisfying smooth ride with a potent 380-horsepower supercharged V6 engine completes the XF.

Jaguar FAQ:

What are the Jaguar  InControl features?

InControl is a group of devices and products which can be linked to your leased jaguar to allow ultimate levels of connectivity and integration. It contains 4 separate Incontrol services:

  • InControl Touch includes the 8-inch touch screen infotainment system in Jaguars and allows for a safer and more enjoyable driving experience.
  • InControl  Connect allows for superior connection of devices internally in the car including WIFI hotspot,  WIFI,  and more features via the app.
  • InControl Protect are additional security and emergency features you can purchase like Optimised Jaguar Assistance and Remote Essentials.
  • InControl Secure allows you to track your Jaguars movement and location if stolen and has a monitoring system for break-ins

Are Jaguars a good vehicle to lease?

Jaguars can be an excellent option for leasing if the potential driver is interested in having a high-end new car for a small monthly payment than if it was purchased.

What is the cheapest Jaguar to currently lease?

The cheapest jaguar available for lease is the 2020 JAGUAR E-PACE AWD SUV.

 How often do I need to get my Leased Jaguar serviced?

The terms and maintenance will vary from model to model but generally, every 6000-8000 miles would be sufficient. Detailed information can be found in your specific user manual

How often should I change the oil in my leased Jaguar?

Depending on driving habits and driving conditions the oil can generally be changed every 7500 miles.

What type of oil should I use in my Jaguar?

For higher performance luxury vehicles like Jaguars, a high quality full synthetic or synthetic blend oil should be used to achieve optimal performance and longevity.

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