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When Will The Infiniti EVs Be Available For Leasing?

In 2019, Nissan’s Infiniti revealed its plan to offer a wide range of hybrid cars to the American market. However, this year, the Japanese brand has confirmed its plans to drop the Series-hybrid for the rest of the decade as the brand moves to transit mostly to fully electric vehicles.

“After careful consideration, we will prioritize fully-electric vehicles as our initial electrified offering in the Americas, along with advanced internal combustion powered vehicles of the future.”—Nissan spokesperson Kyle Bazemore.

Remember in 2019, Inifiniti revealed a bold and futuristic vision with the brand’s famous “three inspiration” concepts, which would be powered by a mix of hybrid and fully electric powertrains. But with the new information coming from Infiniti, we won’t be seeing all that again. Nevertheless, there’s still more to the possibility of leasing an Infiniti EV as while the series hybrid won’t be coming again to the US, we would, however, be presented with full electric-powered Infiniti EVs.

The 2019 Big Announcement

During the event celebrating the brand’s 30th anniversary, Infiniti revealed its plan to give its tech a push. This luxury offshoot of Nissan confirmed that its earlier announced series hybrid production would start from 2021 with a sedan, based on the Q Inspiration concept. Then, an SUV EV, based on the QX Inspiration concept. Lastly, a fastback based on the QS Inspiration would follow suit.

The Infiniti series hybrid would be based on Nissan’s e-Power system. However, Infiniti never really thinks that the word “hybrid” is okay. Infiniti said these fascinating new models would be available from late 2021 to early 2022, with the sedan-based Q Inspiration coming first. This first Inspiration concept would be followed in 2022 by the fully electric QX Inspiration-based car. The fastback Qs Inspiration will arrive in 2023.

Back To The Future

In 2018, Nissan’s Executive chairman, Hiroto Saikawa, confirmed that all new models from the Infiniti division would either be an e-Power or fully electric, starting from 2021. This is all part of its plan to sell only fully electric or such gas-generator models by 2025.

Fast forward to 2021, Nissan-Infiniti has retraced its steps towards offering the series-hybrid and fully electric cars exclusively to the American market, which would only get the pure EVs.

The brand says while the series-hybrid tech remains an important part of its global powertrain strategy, from its strategy retest and reevaluation, only the pure EVs would be available in North America.

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