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Is Adding The Audi Black Optic Sport Package Option To Your Audi A3 Premium Plus Worth It?

When it comes to fun-to-drive compact luxury sedans, it has always been the Audi A3 first, while others follow. True to any car in the fascinating Audi lease deal, the Audi A3 is one of the most well-rounded options in its class. This small luxury car now comes with fresh looks and more intriguing upgrades.

Besides the new looks and fresh upgrades in the new Audi A3, its lively powertrains, outstanding car tech, fun-to-drive manners, and comfortable cabin, while still costing less than close rivals, adds to the grand appeal of leasing a new Audi A3.

Even with its long list of high-tech features and quality materials, upgrading to the A3 Premium Plus opens the door to more exciting optional features. If you want your new Audi A3 to stand out from every other Audis in the parking lot, the A3 Premium Plus Black Optic Package is the deal.

What Is Audi A3 Premium Plus Black Optic Package?

The Audi A3 Black Optic Sport Package brings a more distinct and attractive style in and out of your Audi lease. This available package in the Audi lineup adds a blacked-out exterior trim and a sports suspension to your new Audi.

Generally, the Black Optic Package totally changes the appearance of your Audi inside and out. It packs features like a black front fascia, matte black grille, black Audi rings and badges, black rear styling elements, black mirror caps, black side sill blade, red brake calipers, and larger inch wheels and wider tires.

Why Go For The A3 Premium Plus Black Optic Sport Package Option?

The available Black Optic Sport Package not just upgrades the looks of your Audi A3. It also improves your car’s performance. Adding this package unlocks many intriguing features, including Sport style exterior kit, Black exterior trim (black front fascia, matte black grille, black Audi rings and badges, black rear styling elements, and black mirror caps), and a Sport suspension with 15mm lowered ride height.

And for what price? A few hundred bucks!

The optional Sports suspension is another feature you shouldn’t miss out on. Unlike your typical car suspension, a sports suspension comes with unique shocks and springs tunned to deliver a more athletic ride experience.

The available A3 Sport suspension rests about 15mm lower than other suspensions on small luxury sedans. It also has firmer springs and dampers than your everyday vehicle suspension offers. The reduced height from this unique A3 suspension gives this Audi vehicle a more athletic stance. By dropping the suspension to 15mm, Audi has been able to craft a small luxury car that will offer you a more dynamic and sportier ride experience.

The new Audi A3 remains true to Audi’s standard of offering fun-to-drive and high-tech vehicles. If you want sporty looking A3 with a complimentary athletic interior styling and improved performance, the Black Optic Sport Package must be in your new Audi A3 lease.

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