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BMW 330i xDrive Lease: Is There Any Good Reason To Add The 330i xDrive M Sport Package?

Although it’s not exactly what it used to be, the BMW 3 Series still offers the exciting blend of sophisticated performance with everyday practicality and a premium cabin, common with every car in the BMW lease deal. The BMW 330i xDrive is always the go-to lease option for any shopper hoping to lease a small luxury sports sedan.

If you’ve been a loyal fan or admirer of BMWs, you must have heard about the exhilarating BMW M, particularly the M Sport. But besides offering your leased 330i xDrive a sportier edge, is there more reason to add the M Sport to your 330i xDrive lease? Is it worth the cost?

What Is M Sport Package?

It only took one letter to push BMWs to the top of desirable high-performance cars. The M letter in some BMWs was once used for race cars, but now, BMW has found a pleasant way to infuse some of the exciting athletic features that come with a BMW M race cars into its long lineup of SUVs and sedans.

The new BMW M Sport Package, which is quite unlike your typical BMW M Performance or M3, is optional in nearly all BMW models. The BMW M Sport Package opens the chest to some exciting M features. However, these M features in the M Sport Package differ from one BMW model to another.

The BMW 330i xDrive M Sport Package adds a unique exterior and interior touch and helps improve this vehicle’s performance. Generally, the BMW M Sport Package packs darker exterior elements and unique interior trim, upgraded and larger wheels, a sportier-looking body kit, and a sport-tuned steering wheel. Besides the cosmetic upgrade, this unique package adds a more responsive steering, M Sport suspension, and colored brake calipers.

Benefits Of The BMW 330i M Sport Package

When you add the available M Sport Package to your 330i xDrive lease, you get larger 19-inch wheels, M Sport Suspension, an aerodynamic body kit, and dark exterior trim.

From the outside, the M Sport Package gives your 330i xDrive a more athletic stance than the regular 330is. Its front fascia gets a slight tweak to give the car sportier looks. The wheels are also larger than the regular 330is. With the larger 19-inch wheels and lower-profile tires comes a racier-looking BMW 330i xDrive. The larger 330i xDrive M Sport Package wheels improve the sporty nature of this luxury sports sedan.

Inside, the M Sport package brings a not hard-to-miss interior makeover to your 330i xDrive. From the unique M badging at the seats and steering wheel to the massively upgraded sports seats. The interior also gets other impressive sport-focused touches.

But the 330i M Sport Package is not entirely about styles. The available M Sports suspension feature lowers this compact sports luxury sedan’s height. This suspension also comes with unique and sport-tuned shocks and springs that work together to improve your BMW’s performance.

The BMW 330i xDrive is always the number one choice sedan for anyone that wants to lease a compact luxury sedan with entertaining handling manners. Adding the optional M Sport Package spices its performance.

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