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Leasing A Volvo S60: Is The S60 Momentum Advanced Package Worth It?

It’s no secret that Volvo has grown beyond just being the automaker of reliable and practical cars to offering tastefully designed cars with a plethora of modern equipment. If you want to lease an elegant and classy sedan under this Swedish brand’s marque, the S60 is definitely the choice.

If you want to lease the Volvo S60, the first thing you’d like to know is the best team for you, then the right amenities to add to your S60 lease.

The Momentum trim is the most affordable model in the Volvo lease deal. If you want your Volvo S60 lease to offer you more luxurious niceties and active safety features, the available S60 Momentum Advanced Package is the steal.

What Is the Volvo S60 Momentum Advanced Package?

The S60 Momentum is the most affordable model in the S60 lineup. Despite its affordable price tag, it comes standard with a decent amount of high-tech niceties and desirable driver assistance features to meet the demands of most drivers. From its sophisticated design to its style and comfort features, the standard S60 Momentum trim has all it takes to thrill any shopper.

However, if you want something extra, something beyond the incredible ride experience that comes with leasing Volvo S60 Momentum, if you want more luxury, style, comfort, and safety from your S60, the available Momentum Advanced Package is the deal.

Features Of The S60 Momentum Advanced Package Option

The Volvo S60 Momentum is adorned with various luxury and comfort features. The available Advanced Package acts to boast the S60 Momentum’s already impressive list of comfort and convenience features. The contents of the new S60 Momentum Advanced Package include;

  • Contents Of The Premium Package
  • Ambient Interior Lighting
  • Upgraded Cabin Air Filtration System
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Head-Up Display
  • 360 Surround View Camera

With the available Advanced Package, you get all the optional features of the S60 Momentum’s Premium Package and extras. Some of these optional Premium Package features are;

  • Navigation System
  • Power-Folding Outboard Rear Headrests
  • Front Parking Sensors
  • Wireless Smartphone Charging

Your S60 Momentum Advanced Package’s ambient interior lighting feature automatically comes on when you open the door. Your S60’s ambient lighting, which can be controlled from the digital instrument display, provides a level of comfort and warmth to your luxury sedan. The S60’s latest cabin air filter pushes the comfort level a step higher by ensuring a comfy aura within your S60’s cabin.

In the area of active safety and driver assistance, the Advanced Package comes with the right contents. Its adaptive cruise control system with rear cross alert helps prevent any collision from the front during driving or at the back or side during reversing. The 360-degree camera system, using cameras around the S60, helps you maneuver in and out of tight spots. Finally, the head-up display system, which acts as a supplementary display system, is there to show you vital information on your S60’s windscreen.

The Volvo S60 Momentum is an elegant, classy luxury sedan with many safety, comfort, and luxury amenities. Still, you will need the optional Advanced Package features to measure up to some of the leading models in the class.

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