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Why Should I Add The Adaptive Cruise Control To My Land Rover Discovery S

If you ever need to lease an SUV with excellent off-road ability and refined on-road manners, leasing a Land Rover will always be at the top of your list.

The Land Rover lineup offers an exciting option of desirable SUVs. However, if you need a Rover with third-row seating, a first-class interior, a plush ride, and a swath of easy-to-use tech niceties, the Land Rover Discovery is worth considering.

The Rover Discovery is a fun-to-drive midsize SUV that stands out from others thanks to its class-leading off-road performance and posh ride. Even with the excellent on-road and off-road refinement, if you want more convenience with your Rover Discovery S lease, you should consider adding the Land Rover Adaptive Cruise Control.

What is the Rover Discovery S Adaptive Cruise Control? How does it work? What do I stand to gain by adding this option to my Land Rover Discovery S lease?

What Is Rover Discovery S Adaptive Cruise Control?

Land Rover Adaptive Cruise Control is a driver-assistance technology feature available in new Land Rover SUV models. Call it an enhancement to the Rover’s cruise control system. While some Rover models come standard with cruise control & speed limiters, which lets you set cruising speed and avoid overspeeding, the new Rover Adaptive Cruise Control is a much more desirable upgrade to these features and makes room for more customization options. This driver-assistance tech feature takes the Rover’s standard cruise control & speed limiters to the next level, offering you more comfort and convenience as you drive around in your new Rover.

How Does The Rover Discovery S Adaptive Cruise Control Work?

Generally, your Rover Discovery S Adaptive Cruise Control system comes on as soon as you start driving your Rover out of your driveway. This system works with the cruise control & speed limiters system, which helps you set a cruising speed and distance between your Rover and the next car in front. It also comes with sensors to detect the space between your vehicle and the next car and estimate the speed of the next car. This advanced driver assists technology is connected to your Rover’s navigation system.

Your Rover Discovery S Adaptive Cruise Control helps to;

  • Automatically reduce your Rover’s speed to preset speed when it detects a slower vehicle ahead of you.
  • Control and maintain a safe distance and speed between your car and the next in front of you.
  • Automatically raises your Rover’s speed to the set speed on cruise control when the sensors detect the absence of the slower-moving vehicle.
  • Optimize your Rover’s mpg ratings as it maintains constant speed and acceleration
  • Slow your Rover down around tight bends.

The Land Rover Discovery may be a fun-to-drive three-row midsize SUV, but leasing the Discovery S model with the available Adaptive Cruise Control system can quickly make your time behind the wheels more fun.

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