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Why Bronx Residents Are Flocking To Lease KIA Models

Most Bronx residents want affordable cars with incredible value and low maintenance requirements, and KIA is one of the few automakers that understands this.

KIA builds well-engineered vehicles that offer maximum comfort, safety, and entertainment. KIA’s exciting lineup has something in stock for every Bronx resident, whether you are looking for sporty driving character, family-friendly vehicles, fuel-efficient hybrids, or exciting all-electric models. This article examines the reasons behind KIA’s success in the Bronx.


A few decades back, KIA had a reputation for making cheap, uninspiring vehicles that failed to excite Bronx residents. However, recent consumer reports and rankings from top automotive media brands show how well KIA has invested its time and resources into making dependable cars and how it has paid off. Today, the Korean automaker is highly regarded among the most reliable car brands out there, and a top choice for Bronx drivers searching for low-maintenance vehicles.


KIA makes exciting cars with sporty looks, well-equipped interiors, and amazing driving character; however, affordable pricing is the key reason for the brand’s unprecedented success. With as low as $17,000, you can purchase a brand-new 2023 KIA Rio sedan. Leasing a KIA is remarkably affordable when compared to other budget brands. The most expensive KIA you can buy is the mid-size, three-row Sorento plug-in hybrid which starts at around $50,000, though high-end trims of models like the Telluride slightly exceeds that amount.

Value Proposition

Due to its low lease prices, KIA models are currently among the cars with incredible value propositions. The automaker makes cars with sporty designs, potent powertrains, and high-end interiors closely related to what you get from most luxury car brands. Still, these KIA models are very affordable, and in some cases, they are less than half the price of their luxurious counterparts. Models like the EV6, Telluride, Carnival, and Stinger offer incredible value at a great price.

Fuel-stingy Powertrains

KIA’s lineup is characterized by fuel-stingy engines and amazing gas-electric setups that earn outstanding fuel economy numbers. This is a massive selling point for Bronx residents due to the borough’s heavy traffic. Models like the newly-redesigned Niro crossover returns up to 53 mpg in the city and 54 mpg on the highway. KIA also builds all-electric models like the EV6 and the Niro EV, which boast exhilarating fuel economy estimates.

Leasing a new 2023 KIA in the Bronx has never been this easy.

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