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 Leasing The Latest Ford Models In Queens

Ford is a top-rated American car brand that produces a wide range of vehicles designed to meet a variety of needs and preferences. From compact SUVs like the Bronco Sport to the original terrain-tackling Broncos to regular pickup trucks and their performance-enhanced Raptor models, there’s always a ford that resonates with you.

Like every other New York City borough, Ford has a strong presence in Queens, as most families desire versatile vehicles that help perform different tasks effectively. We’ve curated this article highlighting why people lease Ford models in Queens.


Affordability is an important factor for many people in Queens who are on a tight budget. Ford may not be making insanely-low priced vehicles like top-rated Japanese car brands, but some of its models are still reasonably priced compared to the competition. The entry point to Ford’s stellar lineup is the subcompact EcoSport which starts at $22,040, and the Maverick truck at $22,595. This means you can lease a Ford from established leasing companies like VIP Auto at dirt-cheap prices.


Ford makes an array of capable vehicles that can thrive in almost everything from regular hauling duties to towing, racing, and off-roading. Models like the Bronco offers impressive on-road performance, exceptional terrain-conquering skills, and up to 4500 lbs towing capacity. Ford’s lineup is equipped with head-turning options from sports cars to crossovers to SUVs, trucks, and commercial vehicles, making it easy for Queens residents to find a car that suits their needs.

Top-tier Safety And Driver Assistance Tech

Ford has a place in our list of automakers that doesn’t disappoint when it comes to building vehicles generously equipped with cutting-edge technology. Virtually all models come standard with the Co-Pilot 360 driver assistance package, which features safety technology like evasive steering assist, adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitoring, pre-collision assist with emergency braking, etc. Ford models also feature the BlueCruise semi-autonomous highway driving assist, hands-free parking assist, and next-generation infotainment technology.

Fuel Economy

Ford offers fuel-efficient all-electric, hybrid, and plug-in hybrid models with outstanding EPA numbers. The American car manufacturer also makes three-cylinders that help bolster the fuel economy of non-electric models.

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