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What’s New In The Exquisite 2022 Audi Lineup?

Most shoppers love Audi cars for their exquisite styling, stunning looks, and technology. And for 2022, Audi promises to bring a new style, more tech, and speedy EVs to the party. Nearly all cars in the Audi lineup are set to walk into the 2022 model year with either new standard equipment, upgraded tech niceties, improved powertrain, or a total redesign.

2022 Audi EVs

The highlight in the 2022 Audi lineup is the all-new and all-electric 2022 Q4 E-Tron SUV and 2022 E-Tron GT sedan. The all-new E-Tron GT looks to become one of the quickest Audis ever. It will be released late this year or early next year, with a starting price of $45,000.

2022 Audi Sedans

Audi’s entry-level sedan, Audi A3, is fully redesigned for 2022, offering many improvements in styling, luxury and technology. Its perfectly sculpted exterior complements its new modern and tech-centric cabin with expanded tech niceties. The 2022 S3 will come with an improvement of 18 hp and 15 lb-ft over the outgoing model. Its 2.0-liter turbo-4 makes 306 hp and 295 lb-ft.

Moving up to the sedan lineup, the 2022 A4 and 2022 A5 will come with a 13-horsepower performance boost. The 2022 S5 and 2022 A5 will come standard with 19-inch wheels. Both the 2022 Audi S4 and 2022 S5 will come standard with carbon atlas inlays. Starting price for the 2022 A4 is expected to be around $40,195, while the 2022 S4 starts at $51,595. The 2022 S5 will most likely come with a starting price of $54,995 (S5 coupe) and $63,395 (S5 Sportback). 

Both the 2022 A6, S6, A7 and S7 will come with not much significant change. However, expect to see upgraded features and more standard amenities. The 2022 A6 and 2022 S6 are likely to start at $55,400 and $74,800, respectively. The A7 will start at $69,200, and S7 at $74,800. The Audi’s flagship sedan, the A8, will most likely sport a complete redesign for 2022.

2022 Audi SUVs

And moving over to SUVs, the 2022 Q3 will arrive with new standard features, including the Latest MIB 3 infotainment system, blind-spot monitors with rear cross-traffic alerts, and parking assist. The new Q3 starts at $34,900. The 2022 Q5 55 TFSI e plug-in hybrid has a larger battery, up 3.8 kWh to 17.9 kWh. The 2022 SQ5 and 2022 SQ5 Sportback also comes standard with carbon atlas inlays. The 2022 Q5 starts at $41,500. And SQ5 starts at $53,900.

Higher up, the 2022 Q7 now comes standard with ambient interior lighting, rear side airbags, tire-pressure monitors, and heated power-folding side mirrors. The 2022 SQ7 now comes standard with adaptive cruise control, lane control, and emergency assist. The 2022 Q7 starts at $55,800, while the 2022 SQ7 starts at $86,500.

The Audi’s flagship SUV, the Q8, gets auto-dimming and power-folding mirrors, tire pressure monitoring system, 21-inch wheels and rear side airbags as standard. Audi has also offered more upgrades in different 2022 trim levels. The 2022 Q8 starts at $70,000, while the SQ8 starts at $90,000.

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