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What’s In For Dodge Electric Muscle Car

While Dodge does not have any electric vehicles yet, lovers of the renowned muscle car brand can now rejoice as the idea of leasing a Dodge EV is much within reach. Under its parent company, Stellantis, the Dodge brand is set to join other siblings from the parent company to go fully electric. This is all part of the bigger Stellantis’ plan to offer over 50 electrified cars in the US and Europe before the end of the 2025 calendar year.

Stellantis EVs

During a virtual broadcast, the Stellantis CEO, Carlos Tavares, told investors that Stellantis wouldn’t sit on the sidelines further while other automakers move into EVs. The automaker declared plans to electrify 98 percent of its new models before the end of 2025. Also, its BEVs and plug-in hybrid vehicles will account for more than 40 percent of sales in the US and Canada by 2025. Stellantis is set to splash more than $36 billion over the next five years to meet this goal.

Already, Stellantis has developed four EV platforms—STLA Small, STLA Medium, STLA Large, and STLA Frame—to ensure a smooth transition of all the vehicles offered by its many subdivisions, regardless of the size, type, or shape of the vehicle. One of the big Stellantis’ brands that will surprisingly get this is the Dodge.

Dodge EVs Is Happening!

Not quite long ago, the head of Dodge brand, Tim Kuniskis, announced that Dodge will launch its first fully electric muscle car by 2024.

The Dodge is renowned for offering formidable muscle cars—the best you can get in the market. So why would a brand so much known for its outstanding combustion engines throw it all away for the trendy EVs?

“Performance made us do it,”—stated Kuniskis. While its famous Hemi V-8 seems to have seen better days, Dodge believes that the best possible way to add performance is the EV way. “If an electric motor will make it quicker, we will do it,” says Tim Kuniskis.

In the next four or five years, Dodge plans to reveal a new line of fully electric muscle cars. This also means that we might be seeing the end of the current Dodge muscle car lineup by 2024. Kuniskis further revealed that we could see the first Dodge electric muscle car concept by the first quarter of 2022.

The incoming Dodge muscle electric concept car will be a high-performance EV. Dodge also plans to use the incoming muscle car concept to showcase that American muscle cars can be redefined with electric motors. Dodge muscle electric car will be built based on one of the four Stellantis’ BEV platforms. It would be from the STLA Large, which promises to deliver 500 miles driving range per charge. While Kuniskis won’t divulge further details about the new Dodge EV, he strongly expressed his belief that hybrids and EVs are the important part of the “Golden Age of muscle cars.”

Speaking to CNBC, Kuniskis said, “The days of an iron block supercharged 6.2-liter V-8 are numbered,” he further stated, “they’re absolutely numbered because of all the compliance costs. But the performance that those vehicles generate is not numbered.”

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