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What Is BMW M Power M Series & M Package: Lease Right

BMW, as a German car manufacturer, has impressed the automotive industry and specifically its customers for decades. They have been able to do this consistently because they produce high-quality engines with a performance at the center of the strategy, and by reinventing the concept of luxury high-end cars. One of the best-known ways they have been doing this is with the M sport package and the M series.

The M Package

BMW has a full lineup of  SUVs, sedans, coupes, convertibles, and electric cars. With various trim levels for each model, there is sure to be a fit for every type of customer. For those looking for the extra sport look and smoother ride, the M Sports Package might be the best way to go.

M Sport package utilizes the M Sport technology and performance parts to provide higher performance of each trim level. Some of the most popular are the M240i coupe, M340I & M550i Sedans, and the luxurious M760i & the M850I. The trim levels are distinguished by their base models by incorporating better-looking exterior enhancements like a black grill, darker tint, larger tailpipes, sportier body kit, and larger/wider wheels for the tires. Of course, the car will be marked by the well known M which brands the car as having the upgrades compared to the base models. 


In the interior, a sport and luxury feel are instantly noticed with sportier seats made from high-quality materials like 100% leather, M custom steering wheels and paddle shifters, and aluminum trim lining inside the car.

Smoother ride

Most of the upgrades are aesthetic but a better ride comes with the M package. Some of the most noticeable driving changes will be with the sport brakes and stiffer and more responsive steering and suspension. The M trim level will respond better to the drive and have a smoother more enjoyable ride. When further enhanced with M performance and marked with the M next to the model name then there are also performance upgrades.


The M Series

The M series are an entirely separate model and development in car performance. Best known for the M4, M5, and M8 models. These are easily distinguished by the M logos and sport look, but even more so by their sheer power. M  models are designed and manufactured with the power-hungry enthusiast at heart. The engines are larger, turbocharged, and with more HP than anything else in their lineup. Whole parts of the car are upgraded and replaced from their standard metal to stronger and lighter carbon fiber. The tires are able to endure more speed with racing performance.

The transmission is also upgraded for performance and speed while the All Wheel Drive is a standard in the M models. The air intakes of the engine are wide allowing more air to enter, which helps the newly remodeled aerodynamic body to glide along the road, of course, helped by the added carbon fiber spoilers.

The name and reputation of BMW will continue to be synonyms of speed, luxury, and performance, and leasing one in NYC has never been a better option.

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