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What Do Custom AMG Mercedes Models Offer?

AMG models in the Mercedes Benz lineup are some of the most popular editions. For many years AMG performance models have been made with Mercedes to provide extra power, features, and style to the standard lineup. Then in 1999, the once separate AMG company was bought by Mercedes to become a permanent part of their lineup offering the exclusive upgrades for the benefits of their customers. Many models like the; SLC43, GLA45, E53, C63, CLS53, GLS63, S63S class S65, and more. But what exactly are the upgrades that are offered by the AMG Mercedes cars?


Turbochargers in vehicles have always been popular in the enthusiast and racing communities. It is not uncommon for major manufactures to offer higher performance upgrades to the engine that includes turbochargers. They allow for increased output and power from the engine by allowing the engine to input more air which allows for a more powerful and more efficient combustion process in the engine. Depending on which model Mercedes AMG the turbo engines range from a smaller 2 liter 4 cylinder all the way to a 6 liter V12.


The Transmission of the AMG models must also be able to deal with the higher HP and output from the engine. Most AMGs come with a 7-speed transmission that allows for a quick shift in a manual mode or an automatic version with 3 different driving settings depending on the drivers’ needs and the driving conditions.

Upgraded Control & Maneuverability

Most cars on the market are either front-wheel-drive or rear-wheel drive, meaning the engine pushes power only to half of the car to drive. The other wheels simply move from the power generated. With all-wheel-drive vehicles power is directly distributed to all 4 wheels allowing for the highest type of traction in wet sandy, or any type of driving surfaces. Additionally, AMGs are upgraded with a higher performance suspension and shock system. These two features combined allow for ultimate control.

Wheels and Brakes:

With all of the power being routed to the wheels AMG also offers the highest quality wheels and brakes. Everything about their brakes has been designed and redesigned for quality and performance. The shape, materials, and operation of the brakes are designed to handle quick and efficient stops. The wheels as well are custom for all AMG not found on other models, with different sizes, colors, and materials.

Safety Technology:

The Mercedes AMG models lack nothing on the technological side of their vehicles. In terms of safety technology, they come with everything to help the driver and passenger stay as safe as possible. There are sensors and monitors for lane departure, parking, rearview cameras, and blind-spot monitoring. It goes without saying that an advanced airbag system is installed for the highest level of safety during crashes.


The entire interior cabin is customized for luxury and comfort. Racing seats, the highest quality leather, specialty trims and logos, and even the speakers and infotainment system are upgraded.

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