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Sell Your Ram To VIP Auto Lease Over Vroom, Carvana, or CarMax

There are so many reasons why you may want to terminate your car lease early, but doing so will likely bring early termination fees to your doorstep. Of course, with the harsh economic weather we are facing now, you wouldn’t want extra expenses, at least not when it could be avoided.

So, how could you exit your Ram lease early without dealing with the hefty penalties that come with doing so? Sell your car!

If you’re looking for the best way to exit your current lease without getting hurt by the consequences, selling Your Ram truck to VIP Auto lease is the surest way. But what about selling to a third party like used-car dealers, including Carvana, Vroom, or CarMax?

Can I Sell My Ram Truck Lease To Other Dealers?

Yes, you can sell your truck. Thanks to the shortage of supply of new vehicles, the demand for used cars is pretty high now. If you want to dodge the bullet of the high cost of exiting your lease early, you should consider selling your lease to a dealership like VIP Auto lease or even a third party like Carvana, Vroom, or CarMax.

However, if your current lease is through any of the leasing companies—banks and credit unions including US Bank, Ally Bank, GM Financial, VW Credit, Wells Fargo, etc., that now restrict third party lease buyouts, then your best bet of saving big while selling your lease remains with a dealership like VIP Auto lease.

How To Sell Your Leased Car

Here are the simple processes to sell your leased car to a dealership like VIP Auto lease.

Contact your leasing company and find out the early buyout value of your car. Typically, your car’s early buyout value comprises all the outstanding payments on your leased car, the car’s residual value, and any applicable taxes. It is generally the price you pay when you want to exit your lease early, without just returning the lease and walking away.

Contact a dealership and request to sell. Generally, when you contact a dealership like VIP Auto lease and request to sell your leased car, you’d be asked to submit some details about your truck, including pictures of the vehicle and some documents.

Wait for an Appraisal Review. After submitting details of your leased car, you’ll wait for us to carry out a quick and thorough appraisal of your car. This will only be a matter of minutes to a few hours. After that, we will make you an offer.

Know your car equity and estimated current value. Before you contact any dealership about selling your leased car, you must know if you have positive equity on your vehicle. To get your current truck’s value, some websites like Kelly Blue Book and Consumer reports are there at your service. Your equity is the difference between your car’s current and residual values. If your truck is presently worth more than its estimated value (residual value), you are on your way to saving big by exiting your lease early.

Finally, you may have to accept what we are offering you. Although there’s always room for you to negotiate for more when you sell your lease to a dealership like VIP Auto lease over used car dealers like Carvana, rest assured of getting a fair offer from the onset. Once you accept the offer, we schedule a pickup time and how you would like to get paid.

Time to make some money selling your lease? Contact VIP Auto, 1204 Hylan Blvd, Staten Island, NY 10305 https://viplease.com/.

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