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Kia Cars Prices Increases: Average Lease Price Hits A New High

Even the once very affordable Kia cars are no longer quite as affordable as they used to be, thanks to the shortage in materials, increasing cost of production, and high demands for new cars. Kia cars are renowned for their striking designs, unique styling, near-luxury niceties, and long warranties, all at affordable pricing. Unfortunately, this Hyundai’s corporate sibling is not immune to the price hike ravaging the auto market. It will cost you more to lease a new Kia today than it would last year.

Regardless of the hike in the average price of leasing a new Kia, you can still make your summer more rewarding by going for the best Kia lease deals. Here are the new starting MSRP and average lease prices you can expect to pay for your favorite Kia car.

Kia Forte

With as much as $334/month for 36 months, you can walk home with a new Forte lease. You can lease the Forte for about $129 to $209/month a few years back. The Forte’s starting MSRP has increasingly moved from 2019’s $17,790 to $17,890(2020/2021) and is now at $20,185.

Kia K5

If you need a delightful family sedan that will cater to your whole family, lease the K5. Last year, the average lease price for a new K5 was $269, with a starting MSRP of $23,990. With a current starting MSRP of $26,185, this sedan’s lease price will increase significantly. However, VIP Auto lease is still here to give you the lowest possible lease price.

Kia Stinger

The Stinger lease deal will satisfy any shopper who treasures a blend of luxury and entertaining drive manners. The average lease price of the Stinger is $545/month for 36 months, while the starting MSRP jumped to $37,375 from last year’s $33,090.

Kia Seltos

Leasing the Seltos at the lowest possible prices from VIP Auto lease gives you a spacious and versatile small crossover. The Seltos’ new starting MSRP of $24,135 against last years $21,990 shows a massive gap in price and how far the average lease price has climbed.

Kia Sportage

Want a more compelling option than the Seltos? Lease the Sportage. This popular Kia SUV can now be yours for about $422/month for 36 months, against last year’s $269. Its starting MSRP also moved from 2021’s $23,990 to this year’s $27,285.

Kia Sorento

For more practicality and user-friendly features, lease a new Sorento for about $440/month for 36 months. The average lease price of the Sorento last year was $429; before its starting MSRP moved from $30,560 to $30,885.

Kia Telluride  

The Telluride lease deal is ideal for shoppers looking to lease a terrific three-row family hauler with a comfy cabin and user-friendly features. The average lease price of a new Telluride is $565/month with a 36 months term, higher than last year’s $458. Its starting MSRP has also moved from last year’s $31,990 to $34,725.

Need a new stylish, and reliable Kia model? Contact VIP Auto Lease, 1204 Hylan Blvd, Staten Island, NY 10305 https://viplease.com/, for unbeatable lease prices.

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