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Average Price Of New Lexus Increase As MSRP Hits A Second High

Lexus has released its summer deals and incentives, and quite disappointing for some Lexus lovers, but not entirely surprising, the price of a new Lexus has gone higher than that of last summer. The famous and reliable Japanese luxury auto brand has, over the past couple of years, been experiencing inventory and chip shortages like every other auto brand. This has greatly affected their models’ MSRP and, ultimately, the average lease prices and incentives.

The summer of 2021 saw the average price of a new car getting to the $40,000 range before hitting a new all-time high by December. Although the average cost of a new vehicle still maintained December’s $47,000 range, it has added by a few hundred dollars which also shows in the Lexus lease deals. If you’re looking to lease a new Lexus model, brace yourself for higher average lease prices.

New Lexus Average Lease Prices & MSRP

Lexus IS

Shoppers that want a reliable luxury small car with sharp styling and exciting performance know it’s best to lease a Lexus IS. You can walk away from a dealership with a new IS for about $594/month for 36 months, a significant increase from last year’s $439. Its starting MSRP has also moved from 2021’s $39,000 to $40,200 this year.

Lexus ES

If you want a refined, spacious, and comfortable luxury midsize sedan with all the desirable features, the Lexus ES lease deal is your best option in the Lexus lineup. Its current average lease price is $603/month for 36 months, against last year’s $449. Starting MSRP of the ES model has significantly been going up, from 2019’s $38,750 to 2020/2021 $39,900, and now at $42,025.

Lexus UX

You should lease the Lexus UX for about $485 if you want a luxury subcompact SUV with a swath of exciting features, composed handling, and a below-average price. Last year, it would have cost you about $399/month to lease this small crossover. Its starting MSRP has also jumped from last year’s $32,900 to $34,525.

Lexus NX

Need something more practical yet very posh and entertaining to drive, lease the NX for an average monthly payment of $590 for 36 months. Last year, this luxury compact SUV could be yours for about $419/month for 36 months. Besides the significant increase in average lease price, its sticker price has increased from 2021’s $37,510 to the current year’s $39,425.

Lexus RX

The popular RX is that luxury midsize SUV loved by all shoppers. You can lease the Lexus RX for about $699/month for 36 months, a tad higher than last year’s average of $509. The Lexus RX’s sticker price increased from 2021’s $45,070 to this year’s $46,995.

Lexus LX

With an average lease price going over a thousand dollars per month for 36 months, you can walk away from a dealership with your leased Lexus LX. This large luxury SUV has also experienced its fair share of steady increment in the sticker price.

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