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Integrated Dynamics System On An Acura MDX Lease (Snow, Comfort, Sport, Lift)

If you are reading this article, you are probably interested in leasing an Acura MDX. That is a wonderful choice. The Acura MDX is indeed a very good car. However, there are many options that the vehicle comes with, and not knowing about them before you buy can be a bad thing. So, today we will present you with four of the Integrated Dynamics Systems that the car comes with, and explain each one so that you can make a good choice.

Snow Mode:

The first model we will present you with today is the Snow Mode. Snow Mode can be helpful to you in maintaining traction and confidence by adjusting the amount of power going to each wheel so you’re ready when winter arrives. Snow mode helps reduce throttle response and disables Auto Stop/Start. When the car is in Snow, the Auto Idle Stop System will stay disabled regardless of the Auto Idle Stop OFF button. Snow mode also helps start in higher gears to reduce wheel slippage. 

Comfort Mode:

The second model we will discuss is the Comfort Mode. This mode provides easier steering inputs. And in addition to a reduced engine note, Comfort Mode makes for a smooth ride with exceptional handling and satisfying efficiency. Comfort mode optimizes throttle response, shifting, electric power steering, and SH-AWD® rear-wheel torque-vectoring (if so equipped) for the most luxurious driving experience. This setting helps make the MDX relaxed and easy to drive. Comfort mode applies the same driving dynamics as Normal mode. However, the reduced steering input feel, meaning less pressure needed to navigate the road, making for a more comfortable journey.

Sport Mode:

The third model we will talk about is the Sport Mode. You can unleash the full performance of the MDX in Sport Mode. This mode provides an experience of a sportier engine sound, and increased steering feedback and torque vectoring with available Super Handling All-Wheel Drive™. Sport mode adjusts transmission shift mapping, throttle response, SH-AWD®, EPS, and Active Sound Control (ASC) to maximize the driver experience. Models that have the Super Handling All-Wheel Drive will receive more power to the rear wheels in Sport mode.

Lift Mode:

And finally, the fourth model we will present you with today is the Lift Mode. A first for Acura, this new on-demand Lift mode (available with Type S) provides more ground clearance for extreme on-road conditions.  MDX Type S is the most capable, best-handling, and most lavish Acura SUV ever.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re navigating through sand or snow, an additional 50mm of height makes all the difference. MDX Type S features this new Lift mode that increases ground clearance by 2-inches to better navigate rough terrain and deep snow. 

We hope that this article has been useful to you, and helped you understand these fore Integrated Dynamics Systems that the Acura MDX comes with. We have tried to explain what each one does, and what makes each mode special from the others.

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