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November 18, 2019
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How Leasing Incentives For Military, Grads & First Responders Work

The auto world is truly a highly competitive one. In a bid to gain a higher market share and made cars very affordable for people of diverse professions, car manufacturers and lease dealers devised a way to make it a possibility. Today, auto incentives and rebates programs have become so popular.

As we approach the last quarter of the year, several incentive programs have been opened to all. This is definitely the best opportunity to land the best lease deals since every automaker and car dealer wants to start the last quarter of the year off strong. Perhaps, the most attractive part for opting for a car lease might be the incentives. There is several lease incentives option available for all; from the corporate incentive, graduate student incentives, fist responders incentives, to military lease incentives and a whole lots more. Each incentive program is specially designed to fit a special category of people. Take a closer look at the different incentive and rebate programs we have to offer and pick the one that suits you most.

What Is Lease Incentive?

In the auto circle, a lease incentive is basically a terminology that represents a technique, used by most by car manufacturers and dealers to initiate more vehicle leases by reducing the net cost of the to be leased vehicles to every prospective consumer, without causing any notable reduction in the vehicles’ MSRPs.

A lease incentive is available for all categories of people. The sad truth, however, remains that most people are still ignorant of this amazing opportunity, thus missing out on the best chance to get the car of their dream at a much lower bargain. These bonuses, incentives, and rebate programs offered by car manufacturers and leasing companies are only available for qualifying customers. In order words, you need to meet up with some set requirements to qualify for an incentive program. One thing that’s remarkable with these programs is its ability to save you hundreds of dollars and more, off of your payments.

Military And First Responder Incentives

Active members and veterans of the military are all offered a special incentive. This specialized form of extra discounts on a car lease is a way of saying thank you and recognizing those who duly serve the country. The well-deserved discount goes out for all members of the military and their families, who have sacrificed and continue to sacrifice so much for the sake of the nation. To showcase gratitude, the specialized programs available for all serving and retired military personnel often involves special incentives like rebates, low down payments, and huge savings on any of their chosen vehicle.

However, the discount price is all a function of the car brand. Different car brand offers different rate of discount for military personnel. Also, the monthly payments for these vehicles are all prone to trickle down with time by a nice margin. Car brands offering great incentives for military and ex-military service members include; Nissan, Toyota, Subaru, Kia, Honda, Hyundai, Ford, Acura, and a whole lot of others.

Eligibility Requirements

It is not just enough to say you’re military personnel or veteran. There are quite a few criteria you have to meet up before you can fully be eligible for this special military leasing incentive program. Not to worry, it’s not so laborious and time raking. If for anything, it is a simple and straight forward verification process.

Members of the military and family members eligible for this offer include those who are active Military Personnel in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, National Guard, or Coast Guard. Also, all serving active reservists and members of the Delayed Entry/Enlistment Program (DEP) are qualified for the program. In like manner, the spouse or surviving spouse or any other closely related family is eligible. All retired military, even the regular retired, reserve retired, early retirement and medically retired basis are all offered this special lease discount. Upon pursuing this special military leasing incentive, the pursuant is expected to present some documents which include (but not limited to these as every car dealer may have other demands aside from the ones listed below).

  • Proof of active service;
  • Military Leave and Earnings Statement
  • Delayed Entry/Enlistment DEP form
  • Veterans/Retirees “DD-214” Form
  • Reserves on active duty
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Proof of insurance and agent contact information
  • Pre-approval code or program registration certificate

College Grad Incentives

As a fresh college graduate, making plans about your next phase of life could be an exciting adventure a greatly overwhelming at the same time. With certificate secured, most fresh college grads are faced with the perils of moving to a new environment, getting a job, and totally creating a new life for themselves. Buying a new car also makes the to-do list of most fresh grads.

The challenging part is that obtaining the ride you may so crave could be so expensive, and you probably have more student loans than savings. Regardless of these daunting challenges, new college grads can take solace in the special incentives offered by most auto manufacturers and dealers to help finance a new car. The special incentives available for fresh grads include rebates, special cash discounts, discounted percentage rates, lower down payments, or even deferred payments on new car purchases. One of the clear cut explanations for this special incentive offered to young grads by diverse car brands is to make them a potential customer for life.

Most notable auto brands that offer special incentives to young college grads include Nissan, BMW, Toyota, Acura, GM, Ford, and many others.

Eligibility Requirement

To be able to qualify for these special rebates and discounts, many manufacturers require the young grads to meet up to a certain level of expectation. The qualification requirements to participate in these special graduation incentive programs vary according to the manufacturer and the auto dealer. Notwithstanding, the general requirement includes;

  • Proof of graduation within the last two years or the next six months
  • A copy of your diploma or a letter from the school’s registrar
  • A stellar credit rating
  • Proof of employment or an offer letter from a prospective employer

Depending on the manufacturer, as a fresh grad, you may be required to finance or lease the car through your preferred financing company.

You need not wallow in ignorance and miss out on this great opportunity. Check yourself; there’s certainly a special rebate and great discounts available for you. You can take your time and check out several other special incentives that we have to offer. Take advantage of this today!

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