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What Is The Greater NY Auto Dealers Association?

The different profession has a long list of association. All these trade unions and associations are formed with the sole purpose of protecting the interest of its members. They also aim to make its members the best in their line of work by utilizing all available mediums to equip the members both in all novel technology, implements, new rules and regulations, and standard procedures. The auto dealers association is not left out of the trend. Out of many numerous auto dealer associations across the country, the Greater NY Auto Dealers Association clearly stands out from the rest. This might be linked to their transparent leadership style, high-end services that its teaming members enjoy, outstanding economic and human impact, and other communal drives they frequently engage in from time to time.

What Makes The Greater NY Auto Dealers Association Stand Out?

Member Services

All Car dealer members of the GNYADA can benefit from the vast, unique arrays of services afforded to the franchised new-vehicle dealerships. This packaged service is programmed to ensure that each showroom and service department operates efficiently and effectively. Some services are designed to offer assistance to the entire industry. Such services include; the GNYADA government relations and advocacy program. Other special services that its members can take advantage of include;

  • Dealer Helpline;
  • Assistance from legal professionals
  • Answers to questions on local, state and federal laws
  • Help to secure DMV dealer licenses
  • Field Visits, such as;
  • On-site inspection of dealership facilities for compliance with OSHA, and other regulations
  • Complimentary posters and required disclosures
  • Job Bank;
  • Provides resumes of potential employees with a dealership experience
  • Placement of more than 150 candidates each year
  • Education; to better educate its members, the association established a Center for Automotive Education and Training (CAET) that is fully furnished the best facilities to provide more than 100 practical in-house courses and seminars channeled towards keeping members abreast with the best in all novel technology. The course outlines are frequently updated to meet the ever-evolving challenges that face most auto dealerships.

Aside from the benefits mentioned above, every new car dealer can utilize other opportunities offered by the GNYADA, such as insurance brokerage, cooperative buying program, and a whole lot more.

Community Impact

When it comes to community impact, no other auto dealer association comes as close as the GNYADA. The association has made giant stride impacts the economy and humanity, as well. The Automobile dealerships, right from after it was formed in 1910, has grown to one of the most powerful economic drivers, in Greater New York. The association has come to represent nearly 400 franchised new car dealers in metro New York, the nation’s largest vehicle sales market, generating so much in terms of local tax revenue, dealership employment, and charitable contributions.

The association’s unwavering commitment to the communities they do business with is second to none. GNYADA has been an integral partner of the New York Cares Coat Drive. Over the years, it has donated over 12,000 coats, more than any other corporation. The association also partners with the National Automobile Dealers Charitable Foundation and makes outstanding donations of CPR training mannequins throughout the New York area.

With these and so much more, the Greater NY Auto Dealers Association is no doubt the best and most active auto dealers association any new car dealer should be linked to for all it has offered and still yet to offer.

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