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Honda Sticker Prices Go Up; Average Lease Prices At New High

The past couple of years has been dramatic in the auto market. With the endless supply and demand challenges, many car makers have been forced to increase the prices of their models. You’d be spending more to get a new Honda this year or month than you could have spent on one last year/month. Many dealers now sell a new Honda above the sticker price. Two months ago, new Honda vehicles were transacting on average of 6.1% to 9.3% over MSRP. This has undoubtedly affected the lease price of a new Honda.

Whether you want a fun-packed car, eco-friendly cars, or reliable cars with strong built quality and a long list of active safety features, leasing a Honda will give you that. But with the recent hike in the sticker price of a new Honda, what will it cost you to get your new Honda car?

New Honda Cars MSRP & Average Lease Price

Honda Civic

Easily the best compact car out there, leasing the Honda Civic gives you a sleek and refined compact sedan with a long list of desirable at the lowest possible lease price with VIP Auto Lease. The current shortage in supply of material has greatly affected the MSRP of this small Honda sedan. Its starting MSRP jumped from 2019’s $19,550, 2020’s $20,000, and 2021’s $22,000 to the current $23,645.

Honda Accord

If you want the most well-rounded and easily the best family sedan out there, leasing the Accord is the deal, but this midsize car can only be yours for about $465 per month for 36 months. The current Accord’s starting MSRP of $27,615 against 2019’s $23,700, 2020’s $24,270, and 2021’s $24,970 is a strong indicator of how tough the market has become.

Honda CR-V

Looking to lease a compact SUV? The CR-V lease deal is the finest option. You can have this near-perfect and class-leading compact SUV at the lowest possible lease price with VIP Auto Lease. Its starting MSRP has pushed up from 2019’s $24,450 to $25,150(2020), $25,350(2021) and now at $28,045.

Honda Pilot

If you want a more practical option than the Honda Passport, you’re better off leasing the Pilot. However, be ready to spend about $589 per month for 36 months for this minivan-SUV to be yours. The Pilot was sold at about $31,450 in 2019. In the following years, its starting MSRP increased to $31,650(2020), $32,250(2021), and now $39,375.

Honda Passport

The Passport represents Honda’s best foot in the midsize SUV segment, and it does great there. If you need a spacious and well-equipped two-row family SUV, leasing the Passport is the deal, but be ready to spend about $639 per month for 36 months. This well-rounded SUV’s sticker price has significantly grown from 2019 and 2020’s $31,990 to $32,590 in 2021 and the 2022’s $39,665.

Honda Ridgeline

Need a Honda truck? Lease the Honda Ridgeline for about $525 per month for 36 months. Like other Honda models, this truck’s sticker price has significantly risen from the 2020’s $33,900 to $37,715 and is now at $39,435.

Visit VIP Auto Lease, 1204 Hylan Blvd, Staten Island, NY 10305 https://viplease.com/, for an unbeatable lease price on any of your choice Honda cars.

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