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BMW Increases Prices Making Leasing & Financing Harder Than Ever

If you’re ready to upgrade your Ultimate Driving Machine lease, or it’s your first time leasing a new BMW, brace yourself for the higher monthly lease payment you’d be making.

According to Kelly Blue Book, the average price of new cars in the US first hit the $40,000 range last summer. By May this year, it has gone above $47,000.

This recent hike in average prices for new cars has significantly affected the lease per month price of new cars. So, if you’re looking to lease a luxury four-wheel like a BMW, be ready to spend more than what you used to spend on your BMW lease.

New BMW Cars Starting MSRP & Average Lease Prices

BMW 2 Series

If you need an affordable small luxury sedan with enough speed and entertaining handling, lease the BMW 230i for about $649 per month for 36 months. The 2019 BMW 2 Series went from 2019’s starting MSRP of $35,300 and grew slightly to $35,900 before booming to this year’s $36,965.

BMW 3 Series

If you want something spacious but still offer a satisfying ride quality, leasing the 330i for about $715 per month for 36 months is the deal. This luxury compact sedan moved from 2019’s starting MSRP of $40,250 to $42,445 this year.

BMW 5 Series

Leasing the BMW 530i gives you a spacious and plush midsize sedan with a monthly lease price of about $915 for 36 months. This quiet and luxurious sedan jumped from a 2019 starting MSRP of $53,400 to $54,200 in 2021, and finally at $55,195 this year.


The popular BMW X3 lease deal can be yours for about $775 per month for 36 months. This fun-to-drive, well-rounded luxury compact SUV now has a starting MSRP of $44,695, against the 2019’s, 2020’s, and 2021’s range of $41,000 to $43,000.


With about $1,165 per month for 36 months, you can lease the more powerful BMW X3M, whose starting MSRP went from 2021’s $69,900 to $71,095.


The average price of the more stylish X3 alternative, the X4, also grew from 2019, 2020, and 2021 price range of $50,450 and $51,600 to a new high of $52,795. Leasing a new X4 will cost you about $835 per month for 36 months.


You can lease the iconic BMW midsize SUV, the X5, for about $1,127 per month for 36 months. The starting MSRP of this posh midsize SUV went from the 2019/2020/2021 range of $60,700 and $59,400 to a new high of $61,595 this year.


For something more stylish than the X5, you can have the coupe-like X6 lease for about $1,327 per month for 36 months. This stylish luxury midsize SUV starting MSRP went from the 2019/2020/2021 price range of $63,550 and $65,050 to this year’s $68,345.


The super luxurious and large BMW X7 will cost you about $1,314 to lease. Its starting MSRP jumped from 2021’s $74,900 to 2022’s $75,895.

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