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AC Startup In Car Slow? Use Trick To Cool Down Car Quick

We’ve all been there: it’s the hottest day of the year and your car has been sitting in the hot sun for hours. You open the door and a wave of hot air hits you in the face. It can take anywhere from two to ten minutes for the air conditioning to begin working efficiently but you don’t have that kind of time! Well this is the EASIEST and QUICKEST solution to cool down your car: Turn on your air conditioning to the highest setting so it can begin to work. Then, roll down the driver’s side window and open the passenger door. Open and close the passenger door 10-20 times which will help re-circulate the air in the car, cooling it down in less than a minute!

If you rent or lease a car, your air conditioner will probably work faster as the filters are regularly changed/cleaned. If you own your vehicle however, it is important to have your air conditioner checked annually (preferably before the summer heat begins). This will ensure that the air conditioning unit is working as efficiently as possible. Try this hack the next time your car is filled with blistering heat. Within minutes, it will almost feel as cool as a winter day.

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