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Why You Should Add The Blind Spot Information System Option To Your Honda Civic EX Lease

Honda is not a new name in the game of offering reliable and well-rounded vehicles. If you’re looking for a compact sedan with exciting performance, refined ride, impressive fuel economy numbers, and a competitive price tag, the Honda lease deal has an irresistible offer for you. and it’s the Honda Civic.

Notwithstanding the Civic’s low price, this small sedan packs an array of excellent tech amenities in its roomy and comfortable cabin.

To help you stay safe whenever you get behind the wheels, Honda offers several active safety features and the Honda Sensing® driver-assist technologies. The Blind Spot Information System (BSI), part of the Honda safety features, is designed to keep you more in control as you drive around town in your new Civic. The Honda BIS package is available in only some Honda models. If you’re leasing the Honda Civic EX, you’re in to enjoy the benefits of this advanced safety feature. But then, what exactly is the Honda BIS package? How does the BIS package work? Why must you have this package option in your Honda Civic lease?

What Is The Honda Civic BIS package?

The Honda BIS package or Blind Spot Information System is part of the famous Honda Honda Sensing® driver-assist technologies designed to give drivers more confidence as they get behind the wheels of a Honda vehicle.

The Honda’s BIS increases your awareness by providing information about what is happening on both sides of your Civic while you drive. The BIS in your Civic helps you detect the presence of any vehicle on either side of your Civic sedan and alert you.

How Does The Honda Civic BIS Work?

Your Civic EX BIS is more of a driver assist alert system. It comes with two radar sensors (one on each side of your Civic’s rear bumper), which scan approximately up to 15 feet back from the rear sides of the front doors and 10 feet on the sides of your Civic.

When driving around town with your Civic, if a vehicle gets too close or comes into the radar line, the blind spot sensor will pick it up and turn the blind spot indicator on. Your Civic’s blind spot indicator is at your side mirror (driver’s side mirror).

If you fail to heed this sign by turning your signal, indicating a willingness to change lane, the light indicator will blink. A non-ceasing loud beep sound will follow this. This beep sound will only go when there’s no vehicle in your blind spot.

What Are The Features Of My Civic BIS?

Your Civic’s blind spot information system detects and alerts you of any vehicle at your blind spot, thereby enhancing your confidence behind the wheels. This optional package includes;

  • A pair of sensors (one on each rear corner of your Civic to detect a vehicle coming in an adjacent lane).
  • An indicator at each side mirror illuminates to alert you of any incoming vehicles.

The BIS system grabs your attention with audible beeps should you turn your signal on in the direction of the incoming car/object.

Your Civic’s BIS works only when you’re spending above 20 mph.

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