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Trade-In Your Volvo With VIP Auto Dealership Over Carvana Or CarMax & Save Thousands

When you want to terminate your Volvo lease early, there are many options for you to follow. Its much easy for you to return your Volvo lease to a dealership and pay the fees for returning your lease early. But you wouldn’t want to go through that route.

If you want to save or make more money from your lease, selling your Volvo lease to a dealership like VIP Auto lease or used car dealers like Carvana, CarMax or Vroom offers the best chances. However, will selling your Volvo lease to a dealership make you more money than selling to Carvana or CarMax?

Can I sell My Volvo Lease?

Yes, you can sell your Volvo lease. Contrary to what you might have heard, you can save money and even cash in on some profit when you sell your lease. Car leasing allows the lessee to return the car or purchase it in a buyout either at the end of the lease contract or before then.

When you want to sell your leased car, you can either sell it to a dealership or a third-party—used car dealer like Carvana, CarMax, and Vroom. Due to the high demand for used cars following the shortage in used car inventory across many dealers in the US, whether you’re at the end of your Volvo lease or not, you can sell your Volvo lease to dealerships like VIP Auto lease, save yourself from the expenses of returning a lease early. Also, you could end up making a profit.

Volvo Financial Policy

Ordinarily, you can choose to sell your Volvo lease to a dealership or a third party. The steps are quite simple. Just find out if your Volvo has good equity. The car equity is the difference between the buyout price (mostly determined from its residual value) and the current value. If it’s positive equity, you turn your car to a dealership or used car dealer and walk away with more money.

But things have slightly changed. Many banks and credit unions no longer allow third-party buyouts of leased vehicles. Following a low inventory of used cars, different banks and auto financial arms, including Volvo Financial, changed their policy on third-party lease buyout. Even after getting your vehicle appraised to obtain an independent quote, you still have to turn it over to dealerships like VIP Auto lease to sell your leased Volvo.

Sell With VIP Auto Lease Over Carvana

Selling your leased Volvo can be profitable, especially with the current growing demand for used vehicles with low miles and less wear and tear. However, if you want to negotiate a loan on your leased Volvo vehicle or get a new auto loan to get into a new lease, you should consider selling your Volvo to VIP Auto lease.

At VIP Auto Lease, we will quickly appraise your call and instantly give you a fair price. If you feel you need more for your Volvo lease, you’re always free to bargain, but rest assured of getting an excellent price when you sell your lease to us. Our process is transparent, and our payment is fast, guaranteeing that you’d get out of your lease the same day.

Want to print money selling your Volvo lease? Reach out to VIP Auto, 1204 Hylan Blvd, Staten Island, NY 10305 https://viplease.com/.

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