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Toyota’s Brand New EVs And How You Can Lease them

Toyota’s unprecedented success in the automotive industry for the past few decades can be attributed to the automaker’s expertise in producing reliable, affordable, and highly fuel-efficient cars. Currently, the automaker is widely recognized as the largest automaker in the world by production volume, with an extensive lineup of zippy vehicles found in virtually all parts of the world. However, considering this new wave of electrically powered cars taking over the automotive world, the Japanese automaker has fallen behind.

After taking the lead in producing hybrid petrol-electric cars, Toyota is finding it difficult to gain traction in the EV segment. But following the company’s decision to invest a whopping $13.5 billion in developing cheaper long-lasting batteries that will significantly reduce the cost and increase the efficiency of its EVs, Toyota could be on its way to reclaim the top spot once more.

Toyota bZ4X; The first of many

Meanwhile, the automaker is set to launch the 2023 bZ4X, a uniquely styled all-electric crossover developed alongside fellow Japanese car manufacturer Subaru. The bZ4X is coming almost nine years after the 154-hp RAV4 EV that went extinct in 2014. The RAV4 EV was Toyota’s first-ever fully-electric car, and it was produced in collaboration with Tesla who is now the world’s leading manufacturer of electric cars.

The bZ4X started life as an electric concept car that the automaker unveiled at the Shanghai Motor show back in April 2021. After a few months of teasing the public, the b4ZX is set to arrive at Toyota dealerships all across the United States in mid-2022 as a 2023 model. This all-new EV features a distinctive exterior design that clearly sets it aside from the rest of Toyota’s lineup, as well as a futuristic interior with a minimalist design.

The b4ZX will lay the foundation for a set of battery-electric vehicles which the company will release in the near future. This family of EVs will be called the bZ series, and they will all be built on Toyota’s e-TNGA platform. The e-TNGA is a platform that was co-developed with Subaru and can accommodate dual electric motors to provide an all-wheel-drive system of electric motors.

The 2023 bZ4X will come with a 64.0-kWh battery pack which the company believes should last up to 250miles, two electric motors with 215 total horsepower, standard fast charging technology, and integrated solar panels. Indeed, the b4ZX is destined to set new standards in the subcompact crossover space, and we do hope it’s worth the hype.

Leasing The Toyota b4ZX

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