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Toyota Highlander Limited 12.13-Inch Touchscreen Display With Options

The easy-going Toyota Highlander is one three-row crossover SUV that appeals to many shoppers, thanks to entertaining ride quality, excellent cabin materials, a long list of standard safety features, and fuel-efficient powertrains. If you’re going to lease a new Toyota Highlander Limited, you’ll definitely want your SUV to be fully equipped with the best features that grant you more confidence as you get behind the wheels.

If you want to feel more in control with your new Highlander Limited lease, you’ll need to add more convenience features to your lease. One Highlander Limited optional package you should seriously add to your new lease is the 12.13-Inch Touchscreen Display With Options.

Highlander Limited 12.13-Inch Touchscreen Display With Options

One thing you can’t take away from Toyota is its tenacity toward delivering cars packed with many standard and optional convenience features.

If leasing the new Highlander Limited ticks all the right boxes for you, you should consider outfitting your Highlander lease with more available high-tech features. One of such features comes fully loaded in the optional Highlander Limited 12.13-Inch Touchscreen Display With Options.

Features of the available 12.13-Inch Touchscreen Display With Options include;

  • A larger 12.13-Inch Touchscreen
  • Birds Eye View Camera with Perimeter Scan
  • 60/40 Split/Fold seats

The most fascinating feature in this package is the 12-inch touchscreen connected to the Birds Eye View Camera.

Highlander Limited 12.13-Inch Touchscreen Display With Birds Eye View

Every driver will readily agree that visibility is important whenever you get behind any wheels. Like every other automaker, Toyota has continuously utilized more technologies to provide better visibility to drivers and create a more rewarding ride experience. To that, every new car in the Toyota lease deal now offers the Bird’s Eye View camera.

Have you ever found yourself trying to maneuver your car in or out of a tight parking lot, but you’re unsure what room space you have at the front, back or either side of your car? Maybe, your car is moving so close to the next car, and you’re afraid of any contact. Perhaps, having a clearer view of these tight spots can help you make the right decision always and keep your mind at ease whenever you’re behind the wheels. That clearer view, that extra eyes, is what Toyota now offers with the available 12.13 Inch Display with Birds Eye View system.

The Toyota Bird Eye View technology gives you a 360-degree view of you maneuver your Toyota vehicle in and out of any tight spot you may find yourself.

How Does It Work

Adding the 12.13-Inch Display With Options to your Highlander Limited lease opens the door to more exciting add-ons to your SUV. This package works with packs of cameras at your SUV’s front, rear, and sides. This surrounding camera web is what makes up the 360-degree view system.

This feature automatically comes on when you switch to the park mode and turn on the Birds Eye View camera button. Once it’s on, it will show you a detailed view of your vehicle and its surrounding via the 12.13-inch screen display.

The Toyota Bird Eye View gives you a 360-degree view of your car and allows you to change your view, selecting specific sides and angles you want to see.

Is The 12-13 Inch Display With Options Worth It?

The highlight of this package is the Birds Eye View Camera technology that gives you a clear look at the surrounding of your Highlander. It also shows you how close objects are to your car. However, this feature comes alive during parking, either when you want to park your Highlander Limited in a crowded parking lot, out of the park, or while reversing.

The Toyota Highlander Limited is one incredible three-row SUV with many appealing qualities. Adding the optional 12.13-Inch Display With Options will boost your lease.

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