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Stop going to a traditional dealership to buy or lease a car!

Leasing a new car from a dealership can be timely, frustrating, and expensive. It’s easy to lose thousands of dollars over the course of a car leasing experience that’s full of hidden fees, inaccurate information, and pushy salespeople.

What’s the problem with dealerships?

Car dealerships have an inherent problem, that is that their loyalties lie with the brand they are selling. If you go to a BMW dealership, you can bet that the only car make they care anything about is a BMW. But as everyone knows it’s a competitive market and there are many competitors to each BMW model. So how can you rest assured that you are not missing a great deal on an Infinity, Lexus, or Mercedes? Well, that’s simple and that’s where car lease brokers like VIP Auto Lease step in but well expand on that shortly.

Even if you might be thinking that you know with certainty that you are loyal to BMW and have always owned or leased a BMW, and plan to continue to do so. Then the case for going to a dealership is still not in your favor. And that is because even if someone is set on getting a particular make and model of a car, they will still want the best possible deal out there. Dealerships are notorious for adding on endless fees and charges. Plus, they usually work with in-house financing, which will not get your the best interest rates available on the market.

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and that is with car lease brokers.

The best lease price

At car lease brokers like VIP Auto Lease, we are not loyal to any particular car make or model. We are loyal to only one thing, getting our customers the lowest possible lease prices. How do we do it? Since we are an online broker we work with a wide network of suppliers from across the country and are not bound to a certain location (although we do have car lots in New York, Long Island, Philly and more) 

We are never limited to inventory or shipment complications that cause prices to fluctuate at dealerships. You can choose the exact make model, trim, and color of any car you want when you want it.

No bait and switch

Our website is open and transparent. We have never and will never participate in any shade practices like the “bait and switch”. Anyone who has had the unpleasant experience of buying a car from a dealership is all too familiar with this. This is where they try to lure you in with “Special DIscounts”, “cash back” and “free XYZ” just to get you in the door. When you arrive it only then becomes apparent that this promotion was used to get you in the door, then they make it so difficult to say “no” or to leave with their pushy sales team that follows you from the second you arrive. 

With online car leasing, you shop when you want and for how long you want. We stand by with our customer service team via chat, email, and phone to answer any questions you have but there is NO sales team to pressure you into your purchase.

What we quote is what we deliver

Our prices are consistently lower for any make and model when compared to a dealership.   Once you select the car you want and the mileage for the lease your price will have no fine print, and add ons for the final purchase. We are not interested in trying to add on window tint fees, dealership fees, or car scent fees. These are tactics used to drive up the final price of the car and are unnecessary. Our #1 priority is to make our customers as happy as possible by allowing them to save money for the things that matter most.

Our loyalties are to our customers

Rather than pressure you for a specific car make, our goal is to help you locate the best deals and save money. We are in the car leasing business, not the BMW leasing business or the Ford leasing business. If you are browsing our website for an SUV, you can compare the Chevrolet Traverse, BMW X5, Cadillac Escalade or any other SUV you want. We don’t have quotas or incentives to sell one car over another. And with our wide network and flexibility, we can get real-time discounts and pass them directly to our customers. If Lexus is offering an end-of-the-year special, we allow you to take advantage of that and save big. 

The same is true for financing. Since we have customers from across the country, and supplies from across the country, we also have relationships with the lowest prices financers in the country. We help you to get the lowest possible interest rate for your down payment and lease price so your savings are immediate.

The choice is clear, leasing a car with an online lease broker like VIP Auto Lease is easy, comfortable, and will get you the best lease deals possible.

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