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New Infiniti Average Lease Price Keeps Climbing; As Dealers Sell Above Sticker Price

Last summer, we witnessed the average price of a new car hitting an all-high of $40,000. This summer, it has added $7,148 to the figures. With the ever-increasing MSRP, it is no surprise to see an increase in lease prices across all dealerships.

The Nissan luxury offshoot, Infiniti, has one of the most stylish and attractive luxury wheels with enough tech niceties and entertaining drive quality to please any shopper. Although this Japanese luxury brand has experienced some downs recently, it still doesn’t make it immune from the crisis plaguing the auto market.

Whether you want to buy or lease an Infiniti car, the price has risen reasonably over the past two years, thanks to the shortage in supply and increasing demand.

Infiniti Car Average Lease Price & MSRP

Infiniti Q50

Although it’s not as engaging or offers enough luxury appointments as some vehicles in its class, if you want an attractive small luxury sedan with a comfy interior and potent twin-turbo V6, you should lease the Q50. The average lease payment on a new Q50 is $650/month for 36 months and starting MSRP at $$43,125, a significant increase from the previous years’ $35,650(2019), $36,400(2020), $36,600(2021).

Infiniti Q60

If you need a sportier alternative to the Q50 and don’t mind practicality, lease the Q60. This Infiniti coupe offers decent performance but less space and can be yours for about $666/month for 36 months. The Q60 has a current starting MSRP of $42,775, a high compared to 2019’s $40,850, 2020 $41,350, and 2021’s $41,650.

Infiniti QX50

If you’re shopping for a luxury compact crossover SUV, leasing the QX50 for about $620/month for 36 months is a decent deal. This Infiniti’s roomy and attractive compact SUV has a starting MSRP of $40,175, a significant gap from 2019’s $36,650, 2020’s $37,250, and 2021’s $37,950.

Infiniti QX55

For a more stylish and well-equipped version of the QX50, check out the all-new QX55 lease deal. The average lease/month price of a new QX55 is $695 for 36 months at $0. This new car’s starting MSRP is $49,045.

Infiniti QX60

You can also lease the midsize Infiniti QX60 for about $820 per month for 36 months. Beyond the general hike in car MSRP and lease price, this Infiniti’s premium SUV came with fresh looks and feel to justify its high average lease price. Its current starting MSRP of $49,045 makes it more expensive to lease compared to the 2019 and 2020 starting MSRP of $44,350.

Infiniti QX80

If you want to experience Infiniti at its best, lease the QX80 for about $1,184/month for 36 months. This Infiniti’s flagship SUV is the perfect choice for family shoppers. Once upon a time, you could lease this SUV for about $851 to $1029/month. The recent hike in starting MSRP from $69,050 to $73,645makes leasing this delightful large luxury SUV more costly.

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