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Leasing A Porsche EV Is A Lot Easier Than You Imagined

When it comes to performance, power, sublime handling, and eye-catching details, Porsche is unrivaled. The Porsche car brand is one German automaker that makes sweet cars; we chose the word sweet because you can’t afford to hate a Porsche; you just can’t. From appearance to speed and comfort, Porsche’s vehicles are top-rated and highly respected as one of the most alluring supercars to ever come from a German car manufacturer.

Coming down to the present times and seasons, Porsche is still uncertain about the company’s all-electric future, trying so hard to fit iconic models like the 911 into the EV picture all to no avail. The company has launched the Taycan, its first-ever all-electric car, and we must say, the Taycan is a delight to drive. But this is just the tip compared to the work there is to be done if the automaker really wants 80% of its cars to be electric by 2030.

The Taycan

The Porsche Taycan, which debuted in 2019 as a 2020 model, is set for the 2022 model year. Currently, the sedan is enjoying a surge in demand, and even the company’s chief executive officer has confirmed that the Taycan now accounts for 15% of the company’s global sales. Of course, it doesn’t come as a surprise because the brilliance, composure, styling, and performance of the Taycan can’t be overlooked by fans with some cash to spare. For 2022, the automaker has made only slight trim and tech upgrades, including the addition of a feature that enables you park the car using your mobile phone.

The Rest Of The Lineup

As much as we all love to see a Porsche with an internal combustion engine, the automaker knows the future is electric, and it is seriously working towards electrifying its entire lineup.

The German automaker has confirmed that every car in its lineup will have received a form of electrification before 2030 except for the brand’s iconic crown jewel, the 911.

Porsche CEO Oliver Blume said the 911 would be the “last Porsche which is going for full electrification,” and that’s if the company eventually does make it an EV. He added that “ The 911 is our icon. We will continue to build the 911 with a combustion engine,” The reason behind this shocking decision is because the 911 has its engine at the rear, and given the weight of batteries and other electric components, it will almost be impossible to drive the 911 with such weight. However, the company seems to be keen on a sporty hybrid version for the 911 to help preserve the icon even after the government bans the sales of ICE cars. We haven’t ruled out an all-electric 911 just yet, as the automaker’s designers believe it is still possible.

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