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Leased A New Car? Here’s How To Keep The “New Car Smell”

We all know that new car smell, it’s always nice and heartwarming. It gives us the impression that this is new and we always at times would want to sit in the car and relax, not like we are driving out or washing the car. What drives us is the scent on the new car, but a lot of people wouldn’t know. Continuous use of the car without trying to keep the scent still the same will make the car to start smelling at some point when this starts happening we will notice that bizarre face we express once we enter the car. The embarrassing part is someone bringing it to our notice that this car scent is not nice. They are a lot of ways to avoid this when we lease a new car and below, we are going to see the measure we ought to take to make sure the car retains that same smell even when in used and not always when it is new.

Keeping Clean

This is the first step all car owners have to note, it might look hectic considering your state of work, but it doesn’t mean an everyday activity, scheduling with car wash company would ease the stress. This practice will ensure hidden pieces of stuff (perishable) which are unnoticed can be cleaned and prevent it from smelling before a week.

Avoid Bad Odours

Avoiding bad odors means not taking things that smell bad to the car; for instance, drinking those choking alcohol drinks in the car, a little splash would end up in the car chair fabrics, which we know it’s not easily cleaned off compared to being solid dirt.

Leaving Smelly Items Behind

In as much we all know that this act sometimes is not deliberate, we should be careful and focus when we load the vehicles with a lot of things to not to forget anything behind. Some individuals go as far as forgetting their smelling shoes and socks in the car after coming back from the farm due to tiredness and stress. But it’s better to be diligent and not to add to the stress of coming back to clean a car after a hectic day already.


Smoking in the car changes the odor of the car faster than anything, especially if the car chair is made of fabric leather; these smokes takes time to get off the leather. This can be prevented by restraining yourself from smoking in the car.

Choosing The Right Scents

When all the above measures are taking into consideration, it’s time to look for that breathtaking scent to apply to your car always. A scent that lasts longer doesn’t choke or which people do not get tired of easily. Applying this will keep the car scent intact always.

In conclusion, when we lease a car, the above is not as easy as it seems, because we are all humans and procrastination is just like the air we breathe, but if we can at least adhere to this a month, I believe it would become a daily routine and car odor would be the list of worries.

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