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Lease An Infiniti And Make The Most Of Staten Island’s Attractions

Staten Island, also known as the “Forgotten Borough,” is frequently eclipsed by New York City’s other boroughs. It is, however, a hidden city full of attractions. By leasing an Infiniti with its sleek design, advanced technology, and dependability, an Infiniti vehicle will ensure that you make the most of Staten Island’s attractions. Keep reading to learn about some of the most common places to visit in Staten Island with an Infiniti vehicle.

Historic Richmond Town

The Historic Richmond Town, a living history town dating back to the 17th century, is a must-see attraction on Staten Island. Visitors can experience life in colonial America through over 30 structures, including homes, shops, and a courthouse. The spacious interior of an Infiniti car will provide a comfortable journey for the entire family, making it simple to get to Historic Richmond Town.

Staten Island Ferry

The Staten Island Ferry is one of New York City’s most recognizable sights, providing spectacular views of the Manhattan skyline and the Statue of Liberty. You can park near the ferry terminal and enjoy the ride without considering parking or public transportation. And with advanced technology from Infiniti, such as the navigation system, you can effortlessly navigate Staten Island and beyond.

Snug Harbor Cultural Center and Botanical Garden

The Snug Harbor Cultural Center and Botanical Garden is an 83-acre park on the north coast of Staten Island. Beautiful botanical gardens, art galleries, and cultural centers can be found in the area. An Infiniti vehicle will provide a comfortable ride to Snug Harbor, and its spacious trunk will enable you to bring along a picnic lunch or other necessities for a day of exploration.

Staten Island Zoo

The Staten Island Zoo, which has over 1,100 animals and 350 species, is another famous attraction. An Infiniti car will make it simple to get to the zoo, and its advanced safety features, such as the blind-spot warning system, will give you extra peace of mind while navigating Staten Island’s crowded streets.

Fort Wadsworth

Fort Wadsworth is a historic military fort that played an important part in defense of New York Harbor during the American Revolution and Civil War. The fort is now accessible to the public as part of the Gateway National Recreation Area. An Infiniti car will provide a comfortable journey to Fort Wadsworth, and advanced technology features such as the rearview camera will make parking and navigating the fort’s narrow roads a breeze.

In conclusion, leasing an Infiniti car is an excellent method to take advantage of Staten Island’s attractions. With its advanced technology, sleek design, and dependability, an Infiniti car will provide a comfortable and enjoyable journey to some of the borough’s best attractions. You can journey in style and luxury with an Infiniti lease from VIP Auto, whether you’re exploring Staten Island’s scenic routes or navigating its busy highways.

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