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Inflation Drives Cadillac New Car Prices; Average Lease Rates Increases Across Dealerships

According to Kelly Blue Book, the average price for new cars increased to $47,148 in May 2022, a record 13.5% increment from last year, when it first reached the $40,000 threshold. As the prices keep rising, many automobile brands, including Cadillac, have witnessed a significant increase in average lease prices of cars across their lineup.

Searching for where to get the best Cadillac lease deals, here are some of the new Cadillac models’ MSRP and average lease prices.

Cadillac Models MSRP & Best Lease Deals

Cadillac CT4

2020 witnessed the most affordable Cadillac model, the CT4 coming with an MSRP that starts at $32,995 and goes as high as $44,495. In 2021, the figures increased slightly to $34,390. This year, the 2022 CT4 starts at $35,090. If you want to lease the stylish CT4, the average monthly payment is $589 for 36 months.

Cadillac CT4-V

The sporty tuned CT4 version, the CT4-V, had an MSRP price of $45,830 last year. This year, the price has increased to $47,290. Leasing the CT4-V will see you spending about $775 per month for 36 months.

Cadillac CT5

The posh luxury midsize sedan, the 2020 CT5, had an MSRP of $36,895 – $47,695. In 2021, it increased to $36,995 – $48,795. This year, it starts at $38,690. The average cost of leasing a new CT5 is $632 per month for 36 months.

Cadillac XT4

The easy-to-drive and confident Cadillac’s small crossover SUV, the XT4, has always been a pleasant lease option in its class. Its starting MSRP has continuously evolved from $34,795 to $35,695, $35,795, and $36,990 for 2019-, 2020-, 2021-, and 2022-year models respectively. At a lease per month average of $550/month, you can drive around with your new XT4 lease for 36 months.

Cadillac XT5

One of the company’s most desirable models, the XT5, has been evolving from a starting MSRPs of $41,695, $44,095, $43,995, and $45,390 for 2019-, 2020-, 2021-, and 2022-year models, respectively. The 2022 XT5 lease average price is $655/month for 36 months.

Cadillac XT6

The XT6 starting MSRP moved from $52,695 to $47,995, and $49,990 for 2020-, 2021-, and 2022-year models, respectively. If you want to lease a new XT6, be ready to make an average monthly lease price of $750/month for 36 months.

Cadillac Escalade

The brand’s flagship SUV, the Escalade, has seen its fair share of erratic price movements for nearly two decades. In 2019, it started at $75,195, remained unchanged in 2020, then moved to $76,195 for 2021, and finally at $79,590 this year. If you want to lease a new Escalade, be ready to spend about $1,315/month for a 36 months Escalade lease deal.

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