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How To Sanitize, Sterilize & Disinfect Your Car From Covid-19

Covid-19 is the name of a virus from the SARS family which took the world by storm in 2020. It was first identified in Wuhan, China and quickly spread throughout the United States and most other countries. As per government guidelines, various levels of quarantine and restrictions were implemented to slow the spread of the virus. Businesses everywhere are trying to keep their clients up to date with relevant information, we have also published information on the car lease deferrals available

Since our vehicles are used daily to transport both people and goods, they are set to be a  prime environment for the spread of infectious diseases if not properly cared for. Below we have outlined a description of how to sterilize your car during these difficult times.


Car Disinfecting Best Practices:

First and foremost it is best practice whenever entering or exiting your car, to wash your own hands. This will help prevent the spread of germs into your car (after it has been cleaned) and spreading to your house or to others.

Next, it is important to see what kind of material is in your automobile. Generally, the services can be divided into two categories:

-The hard surfaces (dashboard, cupholders etc, just take care they are not wrapped in leather)

-And the soft surface (seats, floors, etc)


Hard Surfaces:

The hard surfaces are actually quite easy to take care of. Instead of spending a fortune on a fancy car cleaner, or using damaging chemicals, we can stick without simply household rubbing alcohol (at least 70% or higher).

Alcohol has been proven to be a powerful disinfectant, is affordable and can be bought in nearly every supermarket or pharmacy.

Using a clean towel pour small amounts of rubbing alcohol on it and rubbing gently in circles around the plastic and metal surfaces in the car’s interior.

Please pay close attention to the surfaces that are generally touched more, (radio knobs, air vents, buttons etc)

Alcohol can be damaging to both leather and the protective coatings applied to the leather. So be aware of things like the steering wheel or shifter which at first glance might seem like a hard but often contain a leather wrap.


Soft surfaces/upholstery:

For the soft surface in the car, such as; the seats, floors, and when relevant the steering wheels etc there is also an easy and safe solution that is effective. A simple mixture of antibacterial soap mixed with water will work wonders (to clean the upholstery in general) but specifically in this case for disinfecting. 

With a spray bottle or small bucket simply moisten the seats or surface rubbing in circular motions as you continue.

As in normal situations take caution not to overdo it so the water doesn’t absorb into the internal cushion but only on the surface layer.

When you get to the leather surfaces a  more gentle item, like a soft sponge, instead of a towel can help protect the leather from the friction of rubbing.



The CDC has a detailed guide that they published on how to disinfect surfaces in cars which can be worth checking out for updated information.

The guidelines contained in this article are meant to be a general guide, to help you in the standard scenario. Common sense can be used if you think the vehicle might have been exposed to Covid-19, to obviously take more caution. Also the opposite, if you have a vehicle you barely drive, then perhaps every square inch might not need to be disinfected. We post daily deals and news on our Facebook page to help our clients stay up to date.


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