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How Soon Will You Be Able To Lease An EV Volkswagen

We can’t deny that the next few years will be fully packed with loads of excitement, as big players in the automotive world are set to roll out fleets of insane electric vehicles with scintillating designs and unimaginable features.

Volkswagen, one of Germany’s biggest car manufacturers and a force to reckon in the entire world of perfectly engineered cars, is one of the many companies that has promised an all-electric transition between 2033-2035, and we can see mouthwatering signs already.

Currently, only one Volkswagen EV is available for the US market, the ID.4.

The Volkswagen ID.4

The Volkswagen ID.4 is a practical compact crossover that serves as the first of many more EVs that will ride on Volkswagen’s Modular Electric Drive (MEB) platform, creating the company’s first-ever electric sub-brand “ID.” The 2021 1D.4 features two electric motors on the AWD model that puts out 302-hp. It also comes with a 77kWh battery that boasts up to 240miles of driving range.

Upcoming Volkswagen EVs

With several electric SUVs and sedans dominating the EVs scene, Volkswagen wants to widen the horizon with a capacious EV option for larger families. The ID.Buzz microbus, a production version of the award-winning ID.Buzz concept that startled onlookers during the 2017 Detroit auto show is a luxury van that seats up to 7 adults, and it takes us down the memory lane with its iconic 1950 Volkswagen microbus-inspired design.

Scheduled to be released in 2023 as 2024 model, photos from the ID.Buzz concept suggests that this might just be the luxury electric van we’ve been clamoring for. It features an entirely new interior design with a fold-away steering wheel, foldable seats that can move in all directions, a head-up display that integrates augmented reality, a movable center console, and lots more. America will get a long-wheel commercial version of the ID.Buzz. The vehicle will come in two versions, a rear-wheel-drive version with 200-hp and a 48-kWh battery that offers a 200miles driving range, while the all-wheel-drive model generates up to 340-hp with a 110-kWh battery that provides 340miles of driving range.

The excitement is far from over, as the German powerhouse is still making severe moves to electrify its lineup sooner than expected. It has confirmed yet another EV, a 3-row SUV about the same size as the Volkswagen Atlas. This SUV will most likely adopt the styling of the slightly smaller ID.6 SUV available in China and will be called the ID.8. To crown it all up, Volkswagen has disclosed that it is working on the Trinity, an electric sedan which the automaker claims would shatter existing standards for charging times and battery range. While the company was sketchy on details about the Trinity, we can confirm that it would feature a level 2+ autonomous driving and should hit showrooms by 2026.

Electric vehicles still have their downsides, especially in the area of price. EVs are quite expensive compared to traditionally fueled equivalents; the main reason for this is the high cost of lithium-ion batteries. However, VIP Auto, America’s best when it comes to leasing cars within the United States, is offering you a massive opportunity to obtain extremely low-priced lease deals for the newest and best Volkswagen EVs.

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