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How Affordable Are The New Ford EVs?

For over a century, Ford has been an important part of auto history, and with the recent EV evolution, Ford is again out to add a line in the history book.

During an interview with a journalist, the executive chairman of Ford said, “I think the industry is on a fast road to electrification, and those who aren’t are going to be left behind.”

A few months back, Ford, through its CEO, Jim Farley, announced its plan to increase the production of its electric cars and trucks to 600,000 units by 2023. The iconic automaker aims to be one of the largest U.S.-based producers of EVs, second only to Tesla. The CEO further stated that the increase in the firm’s production capacity would double the number of EVs that the company will offer in two years.

Farley said, “The demand is so much higher than we expected. It’s a really new experience for this big company, trying to be agile. We had to approach it very differently than we’ve done capacity planning.”

The Big Move

Ford announced that it would be spending $11.4 billion to build three battery factories and an electric truck plant in the United States. According to Ford, the project, when completed, would create 11,000 jobs over the next four years. Ford further stated that this investment would enable it to produce more than one million electric vehicles a year in the second half of this decade, and this project would be the single largest project by Ford in its 118-year history.

Already, Ford has launched its first three EVs—the Mustang Mach-E, F-150 Lightning, and E-Transit.

Ford Mustang Mach-E

Ordinarily, it seems absurd that Ford would name a crossover EV Mustang, but blending all the right things about the iconic Mustang with all the desired packages in electric vehicles makes the Mustang Mach E a terrific EV.  This sporty EV introduced a year ago can go beyond 300 miles on a full charge.

Ford F-150 Lightning

Right from 2019, Ford has been teasing its fans with the F-150 Lightning. This Ford’s first EV truck shares many similarities with the regular F-150. However, this all-new EV truck swaps the regular’s combustion engine with a pair of electric motors and battery pack to give it a driving range of 230 to 300 miles per charge. If you want to lease a Ford EV, the all-new F-150 Lightning is the right place to start.

Ford E-Transit

Lastly, the third all-electric offering from Ford, the E-Transit, is a full-size van that packs a 67.0-kWh battery pack and delivers a driving range of 126-miles.

Eco-friendly Ford

Ford has always shown its dedication towards lowering the level of air pollution and improving the air quality across the planet. Ford has already offered a range of award-winning eco-friendly cars, including the EcoBoost petrol and EcoBlue diesel engines that combine performance with efficiency. However, times have changed since Ford launched the Eco-boost. More and more automakers are shifting focus to alternative power and battery technology. Ford is doing all it can to swoop right into the EV market, delivering affordable and capable pure electric cars.

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