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Here’s Why Leasing A Ford In New York City is Such A Great Idea

Ford is a popular and highly reputable American car manufacturer, making everything from outstanding sports cars to capable SUVs to top-rated vans and potent trucks. Ford has always been a key player in the American automotive industry with its well-engineered models that clinch the “best-seller’s” tag year after year.

Ford has a strong presence in New York City, as many residents prefer the automaker’s versatility, unique styling, and high-tech amenities. Let’s take a closer look at why leasing Ford models is popular among NYC residents.


Ford is widely known for building durable vehicles that can stand the test of time. While the American automaker may not be on the same level as Japanese car brands regarding reliability, it stands out with rugged models that can withstand the wear and tear of terrain-tackling conquests and city driving. In cities like New York, where residents could experience heavy traffic, potholes, extreme weather, and other hazards, drivers appreciate sturdy vehicles like Ford models.


Ford makes vehicles suitable for different lifestyles and needs, from small, practical crossovers to full-size trucks. Whether on the road, off the beaten path, towing, or driving through harsh weather, Ford models are designed to handle every task efficiently. Models like the legendary Bronco were built for the trails, but it still outclasses some of its closest rivals with refined on-road behavior and impressive handling. There’s the F-150 which blends the utility of a full-size truck with the attributes of a daily driver.

Brand Reputation

Ford has a long, rich history in the United States. The automaker has always been among the forerunners in the North American automotive market, and most New York City residents prefer leasing a Ford because they grew up with Ford vehicles in their homes and would love to continue driving them.

Fuel Efficiency

Ford offers several engine options, including fuel-stingy three-cylinders, hybrids, and fully-electric powertrains. This is an essential factor for New York City residents as the city’s stop-and-go traffic doesn’t help fuel economy. The most fuel-efficient Ford is the all-electric Mustang Mach E which earns up to 110 MPGe in the city and 96 MPGe on the highway.

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