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GMC Yukon Denali ProGrade Trailering System Option

The GMC Yukon will always be the top choice of shoppers looking for something to lease in the GMC lineup. GMC Yukon lease deal offers a comfortable large SUV with a spacious cabin, pleasant ride, potent powertrain options, and a swath of useful tech features.

GMC Yukon comes in four trim levels. Out of these options, the GMC Yukon Denali trim offers the best bang for your bucks. If you need a truck-based SUV that’s great for towing while still not compromising on luxury appointments, you should consider leasing the GMC Yukon Denali. Although the Yukon Denali is a pricier option in the GMC Yukon lineup, it still delivers so much value for its price.

The Yukon Denali is powerful and well equipped with a long list of desirable standard features. But even with its long list of standard features, Yukon offers an even more exciting list of optional features. One of the most outstanding Yukon Denali option features is the ProGrade Trailering System.

If you prefer to do some trailering while you’re comfortably wrapped in the laps of the Yukon’s refined cabin, the optional Yukon Denali ProGrade Trailering System is the deal.

What Is Yukon ProGrade Trailering System?

The ProGrade Trailering System is designed for shoppers who love to haul and tow as they cruise around in the comfort of the GMC car. This system helps you keep control of things and tow and haul in confidence. It helps you hitch your trailer easily and stay in control as you tow.

From hitching to navigating through all terrains, the Yukon ProGrade Trailering System option is a great companion as you cruise comfortably while your trailer is still hooked up. The system utilizes an in-vehicle trailering app that helps you keep a tab on things.

Features Of The GMC ProGrade Trailering System

The Yukon Denali ProGrade Trailering System option features;

  • Hitch Guidance with Hitch View
  • In-vehicle trailering app
  • Trailer brake controller
  • Trailer Side Blind Zone Alert
  • myGMC app functionality

The GMC Trailering App syncs with the infotainment system of your Yukon Denali, thereby making it easier for you to use both systems. The app lets keep a tab on your trailer’s tire pressure, and you can activate a theft alert from there. The Hitch Guidance with Hitch View comes with a camera system to improve your vision of the road condition and the surrounding of your hitch and trailer. The Trailer Brake Controller assists you in stopping your trailer from rolling forward or backward more than necessary. Finally, the trailer side blind zone is another active safety and driver-assist feature that gives you visibility of the sides of your trailer.

If you want to make your towing and hauling much easier and stress-free, the GMC Yukon Denali ProGrade Trailering System option is the perfect steal.

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