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GMC Sierra 1500 SLT Lease: Exciting Features Of The Sierra 1500 SLT Max Trailering Package

If you’re looking to lease a powerful truck specially designed to tow and haul anything thrown to it, the GMC lease deal offers you the best options. Whether you want a compact, full-size, or heavy-duty truck, GMC trucks are there to make your hitching and hauling more fun and easier. If you want a full-size truck, the Sierra 1500 is easily the best pick. The GMC Sierra 1500 is a full-size pickup truck specially designed to cater to all your trailering needs.

When it comes to pulling a trailer, there’s more than simply hitching up and hitting the highway. Some trucks are more suitable for that, and there are features you need to have in your truck to tow and haul more. GMC Sierra truck is a premium truck with enough pulling power, firm handling, and a swath of convenience features to make your time inside this workhorse more entertaining. However, if you want your Sierra 1500 lease to go beyond the standard exceptional towing capacity, adding the Sierra 1500 Max Trailering Package is the deal.

Sierra 1500 Max Trailering Package

A trailering package best describes a suite of tech features—all the right tech amenities you’d need in your truck to tow and haul more load and do it as safe and convenient as possible. The equipment found in trailering packages differs from one to another.

The GMC Max Trailering Package, available in the new Sierra 1500 increases its towing capacity and performance. This available package includes many enticing features like an electrical connector, heavy-duty rear springs, and much more, all designed to improve this full-size truck’s towing capacity.

If you want to lease a new Sierra 1500 truck and would like to tow (of course, that’s mostly the reason to lease this truck), the available Sierra 1500 Max Trailering Package is a must-have. This optional trailering enhancement package outfits your Sierra 1500 with everything you need to get the job done, regardless of the condition.

Features Of The Sierra 1500 SLT Max Trailering Package

Generally, trucks come standard with some basic features and hardware that makes trailering less stressful for the truck driver. However, the available Sierra SLT Max Trailering Package option brings a smarter approach to how this truck works. It adds more trailering technologies that make the hitching and towing process easier and increase the Sierra’s max towing capacity.

The Sierra 1500 SLT’s Max Trailering Package increases this truck’s towing capacity thanks to its longer rear axle (9.76-inch), larger axle ratio (3.42 axle ratio), enhanced cooling radiator, revised shock tuning, and heavier-duty rear springs.

With the Trailering Package, your Sierra truck can tow up to 12,200 pounds. The larger rear axle helps increase the Sierra’s torque and also withstand more loads. The stronger shocks help keep this truck composed even during cornering and braking.

The GMC Sierra SLT is a comfortable and well-equipped workhorse. However, if you want to boost your truck’s towing capacity, adding the available Max Trailering package is the answer.

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