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Early Land Rover Lease Exits

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How To Terminate Or Return Your Land Rover Lease

Welcome to the number one auto lease dealership in New York. If you’re in the market for a new Land Rover, be it for carting the family in relishing comfort and exciting luxury or for taking the beaten path. You probably know that you’d be facing a substantial financial commitment. But what about wanting to end your lease? What are the best options for you to terminate your Land Rover lease and dodge the big bullet that comes with doing so? Is it even possible to get an auto lease dealer that offers a smooth and reassuring way for you to return your Land Rover lease? 

While several factors may cause you to return your Land Rover lease early, you don’t have to worry about the tortuous process typical with lease exit, much more returning a high luxury car like a Land Rover. We are here to make your entire leasing experience memorable for you. We offer unbeatable lease prices and an easy and smooth leasing process. And if you want to end your Land Rover lease, our carefully outlined lease exit plans are there for you. We guarantee you the most satisfying, time, and cost-saving ways for you to get out of your Land Rover lease. Because at VIP Auto, your satisfaction is our delight.

The Land Rover Story

Although the prestigious Land Rover brand started around 1978, when it became a subsidiary to the British Leyland company, Land Rover has been around as way back as 1948. Inspired by the military utility vehicles of WWII, particularly the American Jeeps, Spencer and Maurice Wilks created a spectacular and straightforward car. This vehicle was designed to blend utilitarian simplicity with ruggedness and dependable quality. While the American Jeeps were made to carry military personnel across rugged terrains in mud and snow, the British Land Rover was designed to combine taking on rough terrains and practicality to meet other needs.

After the Land Rover was acquired as a subsidiary of British Leyland, the growing popularity of the Rover forced the company to change its name to Rover Group in 1986. While the Land Rover was just a car, it soon turned to a brand of many desirable four-wheel-drive vehicles that could be driven on all terrains. The brand became the top choice for farmers and many rural areas, where big wheels and solid handling matter the most.

The Land Rover brand has been owned by various organizations, including British Leyland, British Aerospace, BMW, and Ford. This iconic British maker of capable four-wheel-drive vehicles is currently owned by Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), a subsidiary of India’s Tata Motors.

The Land Rover is the right car to lease if you desire a flawless blend of remarkable off-roading and elegant styling. The British Land Rover lineup is renowned for its robust build quality, rugged design, beastly off-roading prowess, and luxurious styling. Want to mix adventure with pleasure? The Land Rover lease is the go!

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