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Clean & Crumb-Free Car Hacks: Your Car Will Practically Clean Itself!

If you have kids who are allowed to eat snacks in the car, chances are the back seat is a mess. Some parents implement a “no food” rule in an attempt to keep their vehicles clean but that usually only works for short car rides or with older children. If you find yourself constantly taking your car for a cleaning or using your handheld vacuum to scoop out those crumbs, you’re in luck. We’ve found the easiest solutions for simple cleaning and keeping that backseat spotless.


  1. Choose No-Mess Snacks

What if we could avoid the mess altogether by giving our kids snacks that don’t make crumbs? Foods like cereal, chips, pretzels and granola bars can crumble very easily and pieces will fall on the floor or in the seat cracks. Try offering your children snacks like fruit slices, yogurt pouches (if they can handle them without spilling), or string cheese that are less likely to break apart and make a mess.


  1. Offer Snacks in Spill-Proof Containers

There are several inexpensive products available that are spill-proof and kid friendly. For instance, bowls that are weighted so when turned upside down, a lid covers the opening. Another option is a cup with a semi closed lid so that little fingers can only take one piece of food at a time. You can even DIY a spill proof snack holder by filling treats in an empty pourable bottle. Mess is more likely to occur when kids can grab a handful of food at a time. If they don’t have that option, the mess will inevitably diminish.


  1. Cover the Back Seat of your car with a Fitted Sheet

Take an old fitted sheet and lay it across your back seat, making sure to cut holes for the seatbelts and car seat connectors. Tuck the sheet into all the crevices and across the entire distance of the seats (if your car has separate seats, this may need to be done for each one individually). Whenever the sheet has collected enough crumbs, carefully fold it up and shake it out or wash it if needed. The seats will stay clean and you don’t have to pick food out from the cracks.


  1. Line the Floors with Washable Mats

Washable floor mats can be purchased at almost any gas station, auto repair shop, or even online. They are the easiest solution to clean a sticky, crumb-filled floor. Just remove the mats and wash them off with a hose and allow them to air dry. Since not all mats are custom made to fit every surface of your car floor, you can place a shower curtain underneath the mats to ensure that every area of the floor is protected.


  1. Keep a Garbage Bin in the Car

Some cars come with bins that fit into the car and others can be purchased. You can also make your own trash bin by lining a cereal container with a plastic bag. Attaching a plastic shopping bag through the headrest of the front seat is another option. Designating an area in your vehicle where garbage can be thrown out is necessary to prevent mess.


Keeping your car clean does not have to be difficult. Your car can look as good as when you first bought or leased your automobile it by using some of these tips!


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