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Car Price Rise: Toyota Increases MSRP As Average Price Gets A New High

The increase in global crude oil price and the rising cost of raw materials have already pushed many automakers, including Toyota, to increase the retail price of their cars. It has subsequently caused the average lease prices to go higher. However, with the ever-increasing fuel price, a fresh price surge seems to be on the horizon. All automakers will be affected, but the consumers will bear the brunt more.

If you plan on leasing a new Toyota, now may be the best time to do so. After the January and April price hikes, there’re signs that automakers will increase the price of cars this summer.

Toyota Car Average Lease Prices & MSRP

Toyota Corolla

If you care so much about style, comfort, and safety, lease the Corolla at VIP Auto lease at the lowest possible lease prices. This compact sedan has a starting MSRP of $21,520, up from last year’s $19,925.

Toyota Camry

Are you looking for a compelling family sedan with a long list of family-friendly features, fuel-efficient powertrains, and an excellent reliability rating? Lease the new Camry at an unbeatable bargain with VIP Auto lease. This midsize sedan has a starting MSRP of $26,870, a significant increase from 2021’s $24,970.

Toyota Avalon

If you want something even larger and more comfortable, go for the full-size Toyota Avalon lease deal. This full-size sedan had its starting price at $35,875 last year before jumping to $37,850 this year. Regardless of the current average lease price, rest assured of getting the lowest possible price with VIP Auto Lease.

Toyota Rav4

No matter what your budget is, the Toyota Rav4 lease deal offers you an extensive range of the finest compact SUVs. VIP Auto Lease is also here to give you an outstanding bargain when you lease this Toyota compact SUV. Its current retail price is $28,310, few thousand dollars higher than last year’s $26,050.

Toyota Venza

Leasing the Venza offers you a classic, more stylish, and practical alternative to the Rav4, but you get to spend more. Venza’s starting MSRP is now at $34,575, up from last year’s price of $32,470. No matter the new average price high, you’d be getting the lowest possible lease price with VIP Auto Lease.

Toyota Highlander

Check out the Highlander lease deal for a reliable, comfortable, three-row family SUV. This family hauler has witnessed a fair share of price hikes, with its starting MSRP going up from 2021’s $34,810 to $37,190. This hike in price has pushed its average lease price to a new high.

Toyota Tundra

The slight move in the Tundra’s sticker price from the $36,340 range last year to $37,745 this year means that the average lease price of a new Tundra is on the rise. Regardless of its new average lease price, you can lease a new Tundra with VIP Auto Lease at the best lease rates in NY.

Whether you want a family sedan or reliable crossover, the Toyota lease deal has the finest offerings. VIP Auto Lease is here to make that happen with the lowest possible lease prices and a seamless leasing process. Contact us today at 1204 Hylan Blvd, Staten Island, NY 10305 https://viplease.com/.

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