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Cadillac Escalade Premium Luxury Lease Adaptive Air Suspension Option

If you’re shopping for a more satisfying Cadillac SUV in the best Cadillac lease deal, leasing the brand’s flagship Cadillac Escalade makes more sense. However, when leasing a Cadillac Escalade, you must consider the right trim level for you. Obviously, if you want to get a smoother ride quality while relishing all the tech niceties that the Escalade has to offer, the right Escalade trim for you should come with the adaptive air suspension feature option.

Not all Cadillac Escalade trim offers an adaptive air suspension feature option. The base Escalade Luxury trim does not come with air suspension. While this feature is standard on the Escalade Premium Luxury Platinum and Sports Platinum trims, it is optional in the midlevel Escalade Premium Luxury trim.

Inarguably, if you want a smoother driving experience in an SUV you lease, an adaptive suspension is a must-have feature. So, what is the Escalade air suspension? How does the Escalade air suspension work, and why should I add an adaptive air suspension option to my Escalade lease?

What Is Cadillac Air Suspension?

An air ride feature makes the vehicle feel like it’s driving on air. Like every other suspension system, the air suspension system raises or lowers the shock absorber and maintains a balanced ride quality. The Cadillac suspension system is powered by an electric pump that pushes air into flexible bellows or bags to certain levels (as the condition demands) to act as springs, cushioning the effect of any unfavorable ride and ultimately delivering a smoother ride.

For the Cadillac Escalade, the adaptive air suspension is not only about delivering a smoother ride. This luxury SUV’s suspension is mostly on an automatic set. It offers four adjustment levels, each gaining more inches than the other. The Escalade’s suspension feature option allows you to lower this SUV when it needs to improve its aerodynamic performance on the freeway. It also gets you to raise this SUV to gain extra ground clearance when there’s a need for it (specifically when off-roading).

How Can You Turn Off The Air Ride In Your Escalade Premium Luxury Lease?

The adaptive air suspension system for the Escalade favors both automatic and manual controls. Although it’s mostly on and, by default, on automatic, you can still choose to turn the automatic setting off or totally disconnect the air compressor. But then, why would you do that?

The Escalade air suspension is specifically tailored to give you the finest ride comfort. You can control your Escalade ride height with the up or down ride height button on the control panel.

Why You Need To Add Air Suspension Option To Your Escalade Lease

Including the adaptive air suspension feature in your Escalade Premium Luxury lease will offer you so much, including,

  • Improved ride height despite the load on your Escalade
  • Improve speed on the freeway
  • A more refined ride with zero cabin noise or vibration due to road imperfection
  • Making it easier for the passenger to enter and get out of your Escalade

Adding the Cadillac adaptive air suspension to your Escalade Premium Luxury lease will make you throw in some extra dollars, but again, nothing good ever comes cheap.

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